Shadowy Walkway

This was shot at the Venetian and it took awhile to get. I didn’t want anyone in the frame so I had to wait for people to move out it. When you are shooting long exposures this can either be a problem or not. If someone walks through quick enough they won’t appear. If they don’t then they are a blur in the shot. Sometimes this is nice sometimes its not. In this case I didn’t want them.

I used Macphun’s Intensify Pro to bring out the shadow details then masked it back into the original image with a varying opacity to the areas I wanted. Then ran it through Nik Silver Efex and bumped the structure in the image then used a luminosity mask to give it a bit of the secret sauce.

From there done!



Tower Of The Doge

Another one from the Venetian in Las Vegas. This is supposed to mimic an Italian courtyard with the tower rising above it.

Wasn’t sure about this image. Lots of layer masks going on with this one to bring out the areas I wanted and others I didn’t. I think in total I used something like 6 layers to get the final effect and I’m still not 100% happy with it. Still, its something I can live with and the tower and details look cool.