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Up on Cripple Creek

No, it’s not really Cripple Creek, I’m sure it has a real name but hell if I know it. However, if you get the reference then go you!

I took this shot as a warm up shot before I meandered off to my real destination. I hadn’t shot with my Sony A7R for a few weeks because I was in Panama using the Nikon D810. I just prefer the Sony A7R for landscape stuff because I can flip the LCD down to see what I am doing when I have to shoot at weird angles. Which in this case I did because I had the tripod set up at an angle to avoid a telecom line in the frame.

Editing wise I wanted to bring out the detail of the scene. While it was a warmup shot I didn’t want to treat it as just some b-roll stuff. So once I had things dialed in color wise I masked in some details here and there. I didn’t use a filter but did shoot at a relatively slow shutter speed to get the water to look like it did.


Up on Cripple Creek