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Stairs In The Jungle

First off this isn’t the jungles of Thailand. In fact, it’s just normal bushes and the stairs lead to a helicopter landing pad that I have never seen a helicopter on. It just sounds more dramatic to say jungle stairs.

Where I live is actually a beach town. When you get outside it, there are small hills but mostly flat, farming land. There isn’t really a jungle here without going further up North and then its all protected national forest. Not sure you could call it a jungle. I have been in a jungle in Panama, and haven’t really seen one in Thailand.

I wanted this image to pop a bit. I created two layer masks, one was HDR and the other was just run through Intensify. I then just went ahead and blended the two images together to get the effect I was looking for. In the end happy enough with it.


Jungle Stairs

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Dawn Over The Rolling Hills

Returning to Sharpsburg, Maryland for this dawn photo shot at the Antietam National Battlefield Park.

I have been relying heavy on the dawn shots because they are extremely rare for me. I’m more of an evening photographer versus a morning one. If I have a choice of sleeping in or going out for a sunrise shoot I can guarantee sleeping will win. So it’s a bit of a treat for me to edit these.

This is a HDR photo but I went for a dreamy effect. It just felt better that way. Normally I am all about crisp edges and cranking sharpness to 11 but this time I left things slightly hazy. It gives the photo that touch of waking up where you still aren’t sure if you are still in a dream. I did a bit of masking to punch the sky colors a bit and I dodged the grass to bring out more of it to give you some idea of the ground rolling.


Dawn Over The Hills

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Fence In The Woods

There are parts of Meadowlark Gardens that are fenced off to prevent people from walking in them. When I saw the light and all the texture on this portion I figured why not take a picture.

Interestly enough I did this image in monochrome. I wasn’t happy with it. Normally I use monochrome to bring out textures but it just lost something in the conversion. I even did the conversion two different ways and masked in bits and still didn’t like it so I just scrapped it after saving copies.

One I settled on color it the image just seemed to do what I wanted. I did mask in a bit from Intensify CK to bring out the wood textures. I left the leaves and stuff alone since it wasn’t the focal point in the image. Once I was happy I called it done.


Fence In Woods