Landscapes From The Naples Zoo

While I was at the Naples Zoo I snuck in a few landscape type photos. Well, close enough to landscape to count in my world. I feel more comfortable doing these edits because I have kept my hand in shooting them even if I didn’t publish them.

I have been editing furiously while I am here in Florida. When I get back I will start publishing some of the older stuff I have shot. It will be a mix of stuff from the US and Thailand and Cambodia.









Just Like Animals

More from the Naples Zoo! It also helps I stole the title from a Maroon 5 song called Animals. It’s a sad day when I know Maroon 5 lyrics meaning I have lived in Thailand too long where you hear it frequently in the bars. Plus as I have been told Adam Levine is dreamy. I’ll take it on the ladies words.

For the record I am not a wildlife photographer and I know some of these images are less than sharp. I still liked them and shared them. Plus I had to get the editing muscles back. I haven’t had to edit photos like these in a long time.

My time here in Florida has been spent editing a plethora of backlogged photos. I also took the time to change up my workflow. I also made the switch to publishing all the images on Flickr instead of storing the images on my hosting. It saves a ton of space.


















Monkeying Around

More from the Napels Zoo visit I did late last year. The bulk of these were shot on a boat as you cruise around the islands where all the monkeys are kept. Shooting from a boat and the monkeys being so far away made it a bit of a challenge. Least I could use autofocus instead of having to manually focus. I did have my 24-240mm lens on the camera which helped.

It should also be noted that I fixed a little problem I was having with my photos. I had to fix a color profile issue between Lightroom and Photoshop. I have edited these photos and the Birds Of A Feather images so many times until I finally got it right and the images displayed correctly and not washed out looking on the site.

If you want full resolution of these images just click on them and it will take your to Flickr.














Birds Of A Feather

I am back in the US visiting from Thailand. I am still here in the US so taking some of the time a trip was scheduled to the Naples Zoo. Not being a wildlife photographer and having to shoot through cages made things interesting. I was in manual focus for a good chunk of these images. Factor in moving animals and me in too low of an ISO made thing less then perfect but good enough to share out!









Between The Sticks

I have attempted to edit this photo countless times. I finally gave up and walked away. I could never get the sky and the posts to light correctly without noise or some weird effect as I would dry and dodge the pillars. Figuring I had new software that would do my HDR conversion and I have some skill at it now I figured why not give it a try and see what happens. While not 100% happy I’ll take it better than anything else I ever came up with.

This is the Caloosahatchee River¬†and I have no idea what the pillars are. I get they are moorings for boats but I have never seen a boat docked there because there are private docks just down the way. Still, I wasn’t there for boating, I was just shooting landscapes.


Between the Sticks

Afternoon In Matlacha

This is an image I shot in April when I was down in Florida. I was asked why I didn’t have any of Matlacha, Florida and I answered that I wasn’t happy with them.¬†Still I went back through and did some editing and as I hinted at yesterday its in HDR.

This image was shot using my Ricoh GR and I combined a lot of what I learned from HDR and the newest editing techniques I have picked up to get this image to close to where I want it. Perfect by no stretch of the imagination because the two styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One shoots for hyper realism and the other shoots for looking like you were taking psychedelic drugs. So I tried to make something that looked like I was coming down from a really good acid trip. A happy medium but still having a lot of acid in my system (For the record I have never done acid. Just basing it on friends and the Ozzy song Flying High Again).

So enjoy the afternoon in Matlacha.


On To The River

No idea what these thing is called. No boats are ever moored on it from what I see and you can’t walk on to them (in theory) because its chained off. Still, just liked the way it framed the image.

Still playing with editing stuff. So bear with me as I work it all out.


On To The River

Canal Days Revisted

I have taken a similar shot before and did it in monochrome. This time I used a neutral density filter and shot it using different exposures. I did the post processing in HDR but didn’t go to wild with it. I still like the skies here in Fort Myers, Florida. With the rainy season here the clouds have rolled in daily and these are early afternoon clouds.


Canal Days Revisited