Vertically Natured

Since I was in the archives with the Portland, Oregon photo from yesterday I figured why not see what else was there. For the flower lover(s) out there I clicked on the stuff I shot at the Portland Rose Gardens.

It’s strange what I will and will not let through anymore. I know these images aren’t great. Still, I figured why not. Sometimes you need to let go and just go with what you want. I know there are flaws in these images but most people looking at them will never pick them up. It doesn’t mean I just rushed the edits and said to hell with it. It just means, I’m not going to worry about if it’s an epic masterpiece or not. I have shot them and edited them. Sometimes you just edit and publish image because people like it.

These were shot on either a Sony A7R or a Sony RX100M3. They were processed the same way. Camera defaults applied in Lightroom, then gradients and other fun stuff. Then into Photoshop for a curves adjustment for tone and contrast. Local working with dodging and burning and done. Sometimes one more white balance in Camera Raw and and a hue/saturation depending on what I was looking for.


PS – If they look crispy it’s because they are. I am now just applying the sharpening in full res and letting Photoshop sort it out when I down res it for the web.

PPS – If you are looking at sky and wondering why there is so much variation. It really did shift that much in the couple hours I was there shooting.

Portland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose Garden


Bridge Among The Clouds

I took this photo in Portland out of an Uber while a group of us were heading to dinner at Pok Pok. They specialize in food from South East Asia and in particular North/North East areas of Thailand. If you know Thailand that means Issan! I will be making a visit to Udon Thani this year so will see how authentic their fare is. I will tell you that if you have never been to Thailand but enjoy Thai cuisine most of the stuff you have eaten is from Issan.

The whole reason I finally edited this photo was I was watching a Photoshop video where an image was shot out of a moving train in Tokyo. I thought I have a similar image to this that I rejected so why not give it an edit. Was more for fun than anything.

Shooting out of a moving vehicle is fun. You need to make sure the camera focuses on something relatively static and that your shutter speed is up fast enough to freeze that. You still get some blur indicating motion.

When I went to edit I wanted to make this about the clouds. Luckily I had locked focus so I had them frozen. This made things fairly straightforward.

Started with my usual camera profile (Sony RX100M3) and then just did some quick adjustments. Mainly using gradients to bump clarity and dehaze in the sky. Then it was into Photoshop for a curves adjustment and then local working using dodge and burn. Final bit was getting the sky to look a more natural blue so a quick hue/saturation to bring it down and called it done.


PS – No more watermarks. This will be explained sometime in the upcoming weeks.

Bridge Among Clouds

It’s Monday

I found this image while I was doing some catalogue moving and cleanup. I was moving my stuff to a new 8tb drive and was dumping memory cards to make sure I got everything and I saw the cat and figured why not. Would make a perfect Monday image.

The cat in question is from Thailand. Stray dogs and cats are very common. You get used to seeing them around. The cats seem to fare better than the dogs in regards to health but cats are far more stealthy than dogs so they stay off the streets and in their little hidey holes.

This cat was sunning itself on the wall of the parking garage. I was getting on my bike and saw the cat staring at me. Since it didn’t take off I assumed it was somewhat used to humans. I got my camera ready and took a few snaps. Jumped on my bike and then rode off. The cat never moved. I guess the sun was more important than me.

Nothing fancy here on the edit. The square crop seemed to fit it better and remove some extra stuff. I do admit to bumping the color in the eyes. The rest was dodging and burning to get the colors to pop in the fur and give some separation.


Cat sunning itself

Things Are Looking Up

I had a chance to go to the Portland Rose Garden before flying out towards Mexico. So I brought a couple cameras with me. My Sony A7R and my Sony RX100M3. I will get to the roses eventually but I did shoot this shot which I thought was cool.

To take this picture I had to flip the back LCD towards me. I discovered that the Sony RX100M3 will switch to “selfie” mode giving you a countdown to when the picture would be taken. I was rather amused by this fact.

Editing wise it’s a straight up edit in Photoshop. I hope it looks okay because editing on my 13″ Macbook is a struggle and I can’t see the finer details. I did dodge and burn the trees to get some texture into them and give them depth.

Full resolution.



Drips and Drops

It’s been raining here in the Washington DC area the last few days. The usual thunderstorms as the weather tries to figure out what the hell it wants to do. Since I walk to and from work and have a camera I figured why not shoot some of the drops I see when I am walking in. Plus it gives me an excuse of not to rush in and sit in my office for a bit longer.

All these images were shot yesterday with my Sony RX100M3. I put the camera in macro mode and went at it. The annoying thing about the RX100M3 is you have to shift to scene mode then select macro. It’s not intuitive at all. I guess that’s why they market it as a photo enthusiast’s compact because you will be enthusiastically cursing the damn thing as you try and find macro mode.

Nothing fancy on the edits other than I was all over the place crop wise. I figured what the hell, make it interesting. Pumped a lot of contrast into them because plants just look better with them. Then some subtle dodging and burning and calling it done.

Here is the generic link to the full resolution. Too many to do individually.


PS – The last one has no water. I just threw it in because it was there.



Sky Lights

Just some random images I shot while I was out and about with my camera where I live. One is the a small outdoor mall area and the other is an alley between a Tex Mex restaurant and the Apple store.

For the mall one I went low key just for fun and did a lot of playing around with it to get it right. The alley was left alone more or less because I just really like the color contrast. While I edit the images the day before I spent a lot of quality time bonding with my couch watching football which included my team, Everton losing to Manchester United I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time editing. So these images fit the current editing mood.

Full resolution of image 1.

Full resolution of image 2.



Don’t Drink The Water

Got a theme going today for this image set. Self explanatory I think. I still don’t want to give away where I shot but there are major clues here simply because of the foliage. I despise cold so it wasn’t an outdoor garden in Washington DC so that should be a major clue. Plus it drives my Mom nuts that I won’t tell her.

There were all taken on my Sony RX100M3 except 2. The other 2 were shot on my Olympus EM1 with a 40-150 (80-300 eq). I went with a low key style for these images as I just felt that it fit the mood a little better. One of the things that my weekly Photoshop lessons from Ming Thein has taught me how you can change the key of an image depending on how you apply your tone curve. While I’m not at Ming’s mastery I see what he does weekly. I will also say that my Wacom Tablet juju is getting stronger. I totally get the control you get over the brush in Photoshop by using a pen. It’s a whole different world.

I also tossed in one image that didn’t fit anywhere but I liked it. Got me all Jurassic Park like!


Don't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterJurassic Park

Lost In The Moment

These images were shot over the entire duration of the 6 weeks I spent in Thailand. While I enjoy the landscape/travel stuff I still do street style photography when the mood is upon me. For curation purposed I wanted them to have a consistent theme about them where the person was clearly not paying attention and just lost in the moment. This made it difficult for me because I have similar images that will be used for other series as I work my way through all the frames I shot.

While I realize this is a departure from what I have been showing I still enjoyed shooting it.



Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lost In The MomentLost In The Moment

Rush Hour

I have been working late and was wandering the office before I left for the evening and looked out to this view. At first I tried to do it handheld and then I remember I have my little mini-tripod that I got once in an order so I attached my Sony RX100M3 to it and set the shutter for a 2 second delay and took a few snaps. For the entire setup of 2 minutes I’m rather happy with the image. I normally don’t post images I just took but I think the light trails conveys the sense of the rush hour commute that people go through.



The Red Dragon

Quick Google search gave me the name for this post. It turns out China’s nickname is the Red Dragon. I read it on the internet so it must be true!

I am an admitted lover of Eastern cultures so I may have went a little photo happy in China when I was at Epcot. I really like the color in the East. It’s always so vibrant and all the colors have a meaning. So you recognize the symbology in them. While I have never been to China itself its on my list of places I need to visit. For now, I’ll make do with these images from Epcot.


PS – On the second image spot where I had to remove a rude human from the frame as she clearly did not recognize artistic genius at work.

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon