Sunset Over Manila

I am going to try and start posting again. I am sitting on a ton of backlog of stuff I have shot over the months. Will see how it goes.

I was in the Philippines in June of this year. Not my favorite place to go but was with friends who were over in Asia so I figured I tag along. This is one of the only images I shot because I just didn’t enjoy the Philippines.

This was taken at Ninoy Aquino International Airport while waiting for my flight back to Thailand.


Sunset over ManilaS


Beaching clearly isn’t a word since it clearly was flagged for spell check but it seems to fit this image I took of Jomtien Beach in Thailand a couple years ago.

I was going to publish another image today but my scratch drive crapped out in the middle of Photoshop and it locked up. So with disgust I just gave up and went with one I had edited earlier. It helps I miss Thailand and the warmth that this time of year provides. It’s nice to remember shorts and t-shirt weather while looking at a forecast of snow later in the week.

Editing wise I didn’t do much. Mostly involves gradients and pushing your visual direction to where I want it. I do it every image to be honest but I just never write about it. Gradients are magnificent things because you can selectively do a lot to an area and not impact the rest of your image. I mainly use then to add or remove contrast in an area. Effectively darkening it or lighting it. If you ever need to pull attention away from an area just use a gradient.

The rest of the image was selective dodging and burning and some color correction. I shot this with my Sony RX100M3 and it has a bad habit of shifting blues towards cyan. While the sky was cyan color I did shift it back slightly towards blue.



Things Are Looking Up

I had a chance to go to the Portland Rose Garden before flying out towards Mexico. So I brought a couple cameras with me. My Sony A7R and my Sony RX100M3. I will get to the roses eventually but I did shoot this shot which I thought was cool.

To take this picture I had to flip the back LCD towards me. I discovered that the Sony RX100M3 will switch to “selfie” mode giving you a countdown to when the picture would be taken. I was rather amused by this fact.

Editing wise it’s a straight up edit in Photoshop. I hope it looks okay because editing on my 13″ Macbook is a struggle and I can’t see the finer details. I did dodge and burn the trees to get some texture into them and give them depth.

Full resolution.



Hill Side Living

I had to travel to another office in Virginia so on my way back to Maryland I figured why not stop at one of the overlooks on the George Washington Parkway and snap a few pictures since I had my Sony RX100M3 with me. I snapped a few different shots so I might show them later but I liked this one at first glance. I liked the colors of the flowers down near the river and then the trees leading towards Georgetown which is the buildings you see between the trees.

Nothing overly fancy here editing wise. Just a straight up tone curves adjustment and the dodging and burning to get the tones I wanted. The one thing I had to do was use the clone stamp to get rid of some of the branches that were in the frame. While I was using the RX100M3 which has a 70mm lens I did have the Canon S100 with me which has a 100mm. A bit more reach would have been nice but I knew the 2/3″ sensor would not do the image justice like the 1″ sensor in the Sony. So the clone stamp got a workout.

Link to the full resolution.



Ground Control

These images were shot in Incheon, South Korea when I was laying over on my way to Thailand last year. I figured why not share them now as I flew a couple days ago and sitting in Costa Rica as I type this up.

Nothing overly fancy here with the editing. Just me and the Wacom tablet bonding. The images were shot on my Sony RX100M3. The craziest thing I did was the 2.4 to 1 crop on the first image give it a cinematic feel.


Ground ControlGround ControlGround Control

Don’t Drink The Water

Got a theme going today for this image set. Self explanatory I think. I still don’t want to give away where I shot but there are major clues here simply because of the foliage. I despise cold so it wasn’t an outdoor garden in Washington DC so that should be a major clue. Plus it drives my Mom nuts that I won’t tell her.

There were all taken on my Sony RX100M3 except 2. The other 2 were shot on my Olympus EM1 with a 40-150 (80-300 eq). I went with a low key style for these images as I just felt that it fit the mood a little better. One of the things that my weekly Photoshop lessons from Ming Thein has taught me how you can change the key of an image depending on how you apply your tone curve. While I’m not at Ming’s mastery I see what he does weekly. I will also say that my Wacom Tablet juju is getting stronger. I totally get the control you get over the brush in Photoshop by using a pen. It’s a whole different world.

I also tossed in one image that didn’t fit anywhere but I liked it. Got me all Jurassic Park like!


Don't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterDon't Drink The WaterJurassic Park

Lost In The Moment

These images were shot over the entire duration of the 6 weeks I spent in Thailand. While I enjoy the landscape/travel stuff I still do street style photography when the mood is upon me. For curation purposed I wanted them to have a consistent theme about them where the person was clearly not paying attention and just lost in the moment. This made it difficult for me because I have similar images that will be used for other series as I work my way through all the frames I shot.

While I realize this is a departure from what I have been showing I still enjoyed shooting it.



Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lost In The MomentLost In The Moment

Early Fall Colors

While the weather has remained warm the leaves are starting to turn colors. Seeing how I look down on the neighborhood while I am at work I saw this view in a office I normally don’t wander into too often. I set the camera up on a mini tripod that I carry and set the shutter delay to 2 seconds and took several images. The scene reminds me of some some rural town. Reality is those are million dollar homes in a major metropolitan area.

This is the first time in post processing that I really used the haze slider in Lightroom. It basically adds contrast to the image which is why I avoid it. I just gave it a try because the image was shot through a less than clean glass window. I was very pleased with the result. After that brought into Photoshop and the usual magic applied. I do tend to use Nik Efex Pro and run Pro Contrast and Vibrance & Saturation filters on my landscapes. Just gives it nice results. Then a bit of dodging and burning and good to.

Shot with my Sony RX100M3.




Enter Epcot

This is the first site you really see when you enter Epcot. This is their geodesic dome that houses future world. The funny thing about this picture is that Disney employs photographers to take your shot in front of it. Seeing how they didn’t really like random people like me walking up and taking their own shots without the privilege of paying so I just ignored them. I felt justified because Disney only uses Nikon’s for their staff. I wanted them to see what a Sony could do! That was my justification.



At The Feet Of Buddha

So I was on the National Harbor for a photo excursion. I took the water taxi over and only had a two hour window to shoot and I was nearing the time to get back to catch the boat back to where I parked my car. It was a hot day and as is my tradition when I am out for shooting I stop and enjoy a beer at some point. I happened to wander into Grace’s Mandarin for my beer and to get out of the heat. It was empty and so I cooled off for a bit and chatted with the bartender then said my goodbyes and was heading to the exit. As I was walking out I saw the giant Buddha and reached into my pocket and pulled out my Sony RX100M3. I asked the security guy if it was ok if I took the picture and he said sure as the room was empty. Fired off a couple shots and went to retrieve my tripod with my Sony A7R attached to it. The door man asked me if it was a A7 and I said yes, the R version. He was keenly interested in it so I let him take a peak and play with it a bit. He asked me how much I paid and his jaw hit the floor. I really did get it for a song. Said good bye and was off to catch a boat.

For the image itself I really wanted to capture the lush atmosphere of the Buddha and the cool light coming in. So did the usual curves adjustments and dodging and burning. Then bumped the saturation of the yellows and reds. Very happy with the image and how it came out.