Required Viewing

This was shot on the Portland River Walk along with the previous image from here. If I was to be honest I would tell you I screwed up the name and this one was to be titled the sweet spot. Oh well.

I haven’t worked in black and white lately and its been fun to do a few images. For images like this it’s just more interesting when you do a black and white because it then becomes about textures and tones.

When you do an image like this you start to bring out features that otherwise aren’t visible when its in color. Things just get enhanced in unexpected ways that just make the image pop.

Editing for this was all done in Tonality CK. I just play with sliders until I’m happy. Then some dodging and burning and called it done.


Required Viewing

Sweet Spot

This was taken in Portland last year. After going through the images I found a few more that I figured I wanted to process.

I remember the day I took this because it was cold and grey. I was up before dawn and doing long exposures while the sky was still dark. As it got light I just kept pressing on and shooting not knowing what I was going to get out of it. Happy I did.

I have discovered that days like this, with moody skies make for great black and white images. You can really bring out the sky and other details. It takes the need for good light out of the equation and you still have a very nice image.

Did my usual post processing in Lightroom then into Photoshop then quickly into Tonality for the black and white conversion. I just use sliders until I’m happy. I can’t tell you specifically what I did. I just start playing until it looks good.

Once I was happy it was back into Photoshop for local dodging and burning. Then hit save and was done.



Portland Bridges

No idea what the name of this bridge is or any of them. All I know is I was in Portland, Oregon standing on a floating dock and taking images.

I was in Portland last year for for work which I took this image. There wasn’t very good light and I was shooting at the ass crack of dawn which is not my normal time. I am the landscape photographer that will do evening and night shots until dawn but getting up at dawn isn’t my thing. I wasn’t jetlagged, instead I had three 8% alcohol beer which I didn’t know was 8% alcohol so I was in my room asleep at like 8 PM local time. Speaking of the beer, it was very good but the next night when I talked to the bartender and I said I was asleep early is when I found out it was 8%. Ooops.

This image was all about the sky. With little color it was perfect for a monochrome conversion. So I did my normal edits and took it into Tonality. I picked a preset and then just started to play with sliders until happy. I then took it into Photoshop and did some local work. I had too much noise in the sky so I created a layer mask and then removed that via Camera Raw filter in the areas. I then created another mask to bring up the brightness in certain areas with the Camera Raw filter. Bit of dodging and burning and called it done.


Bridges in Portland

Vertically Natured

Since I was in the archives with the Portland, Oregon photo from yesterday I figured why not see what else was there. For the flower lover(s) out there I clicked on the stuff I shot at the Portland Rose Gardens.

It’s strange what I will and will not let through anymore. I know these images aren’t great. Still, I figured why not. Sometimes you need to let go and just go with what you want. I know there are flaws in these images but most people looking at them will never pick them up. It doesn’t mean I just rushed the edits and said to hell with it. It just means, I’m not going to worry about if it’s an epic masterpiece or not. I have shot them and edited them. Sometimes you just edit and publish image because people like it.

These were shot on either a Sony A7R or a Sony RX100M3. They were processed the same way. Camera defaults applied in Lightroom, then gradients and other fun stuff. Then into Photoshop for a curves adjustment for tone and contrast. Local working with dodging and burning and done. Sometimes one more white balance in Camera Raw and and a hue/saturation depending on what I was looking for.


PS – If they look crispy it’s because they are. I am now just applying the sharpening in full res and letting Photoshop sort it out when I down res it for the web.

PPS – If you are looking at sky and wondering why there is so much variation. It really did shift that much in the couple hours I was there shooting.

Portland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose Garden


Washed Ashore

I saw these logs when I took a path down towards the Willamette River in Portland. No idea how high the river gets but assume these were logs and stuff were washed ashore when the river was high from rain.

I shot these with my Olympus TG-4 since it was far more maneuverable than my Sony A7R that was mounted on a tripod. I could climb on the rocks to get to the angles I was looking for instead of trying to lug the bigger camera.

I knew when I took these images they were going to be in monochrome or some form of it. I just think it really brings out the texture of the wood when you do it. I used a filter in Tonality CK and then bumped up the structure to bring a bit more out of the wood. Slight dodge and burn and all was good to go.


Washed AshoreWashed AshoreWashed Ashore

Portland Flowers

Not feeling much like editing from a lot of things coming at me I go with the one thing I can edit in my sleep, flowers. So I present just some of the images I shot of flowers while I was in Portland. These were taken while we were waiting for a table at the restaurant called Pok Pok in Portland. They had a cool system where they just send a text to your phone when your table is ready. So the group I was with took a wander and we all stopped and took pictures of this yard that was overflowing with flowers.

Not much going on editing wise. They are flowers. Simple contrast adjustment using a tone curve, a wee bit of a dodge and burn then calling it down. Gotta love flowers for keeping the editing simple!



Reflections in the Glass

This post almost didn’t happen. I was out with social and work obligations and I wasn’t sure I would get back to the photo archives before I had to edit for tomorrow. However I got home earlier than anticipated so I could edit.

This is a very simple edit. I liked the reflection on the rear window and I took the shot. When I started to edit I just went ahead and added a few filters in Lightroom and then took it into Photoshop. Put in a tone curve and then dodged and burn and said good enough.



Ghost In The Sky

This is another one from Portland and shot from the hotel I was staying at. I would say it was the view from my room but it wasn’t. A group of us were coming in from dinner and a friend invited us up to her room for a nightcap so I took a peek out her balcony and was like I’m taking a picture. Sadly I only had my Sony RX100M3 on me and no tripod but one must adapt. I set the timer on the camera and then set the camera on the balcony railing and held my breath for however long the exposure was going to take. This one was the best so I out of the 8 or so shots I got lucky once.

I will admit that I was shooting the bridge and not the sky. When I loaded the images up for processing I was like; cool! The sky looks freaking amazing with the way the clouds looked. It reminded me of a ghost hence the title.

Post processing wise I filtered this one once I did my base edits. I ran it through Intensify CK and masked in what I wanted and then ran it through Noiseless Pro to get some of the sky noise out in the clouds. I didn’t want to take it all out because you would lose the cool details. I then I brushed in the cleaned up sky and said done.

Full resolution.


Ghost In The Sky

This Way To Seattle

No idea the name of the bridge. I know there are only a few you can drive across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. I shot this a little after 7 in the morning I think but there was hardly any sun showing so I knew it was going to be in monochrome. As for the title of the image, the sign says Seattle.

Did the usual standard editing and then used Tonality CK for my monochrome conversion. I have been going with a clarity filter when I do the conversion. It give the skies a lot of texture that are otherwise not visible It also brought out a lot of the details on the bridge as well.


The Way To Seattle

Wave Crashing In

I didn’t plan on showing any of the images I shot in Portland, Oregon just yet I really liked this one so I went ahead and edited it.

This is a shot of some wake coming on on the Willamette River here in Portland. I was out doing a sunrise shoot (no sun). You get very easy access to the river and I was down right on the water. I had my Olympus TG-4 which is waterproof so I just put it down in the water and set the timer for 2 seconds and let it fire. The wave coming in is what I got!

Editing wise not much going on. You can’t do a whole lot with these images out of a small compact camera. I do have Wacom Tablet with me so I did dodge and burn the wave a bit but that was about all.


Full resolution.

Wave Income