Bangkok Buildings

It seems appropriate to publish this set of images today because I will be on the final leg of my flight back to Thailand when these go live. I don’t live in Bangkok and it’s not my favorite place due to the traffic and congestion. Still, it represents the final portion of my sojourn to get home. From Suwannaphum Airport or BKK back to Jomtien where I happily live.

Shot on a Nikon D5500 and using the Sigma 17-50mm 2.0 to 4.0 lens around Sukhimvit Soi 4 and Khao San Rd. The Sigma 17-50mm 2.0 to 4.0 is a great little lens that gives you a great focal range to work with on a crop sensor.

Only 5 shots after the marathon of 12 I published on Monday.






People Of Bangkok

I shot these last June when I was in Bangkok for a few days. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of the Big Mango as Bangkok is known. It’s also known as a city suffering from horrible air quality. The Bangkok Metropolitan Authority is trying everything to clear the air. Including spraying the air with molasses with drones. I wish I was making that up.

These were shot around Sukhimvit Soi 4 and Khao San Rd. using my Nikon D5500 and the 17-50mm lens.












Cambodia Street Photography – Part 2

This is the second set of images from this series. These were shot all last October using my Sony RX10.


Cambodia Street Photography – Part 1

I’m back I guess!? I don’t know to be honest. To be perfectly clear, I do photography for other things other than fun. So now, it’s less of a hobby that paid me on the side and more of something else.

Do I know that living in Thailand versus the US my time is limited for personal work. Part of this is when you have to do portrait stuff constantly, the last thing you want to do is pick up a camera and go out. I don’t want to force it and just turn out crappy images, but I also find myself taking snaps that are for me only. Usually on my phone and I’m done and move on.

The reality is, I live a life some dream of. I live an exotic location (ok, it’s Pattaya and a crappy resort town), but the reality is I do live in an area not seen by a lot of people and my “commute” is something on the surreal side unless you live it daily and most in the West aren’t going to dodge soi dogs, food carts, taxi drivers, potholes the size of small South East Asian Countries, people, and see some of the stuff I take for granted.

Now these images were shot in Cambodia over 2 trips. Which you may be asking, why am I showing Cambodia images versus where I live? Easy, I shot in Cambodia. I wasn’t doing portrait stuff so I had the inclination to shoot and carry a camera. I was on holiday from my holiday. Like it or not, even retired, you get bored.

These images were shot in Phnom Penh over 2 trips. October of last year and February of this year. One set shot on a Sony RX10 and the other set shot on a Nikon D5500 with a Sigma 25-80 lens.


PS – If you notice some inconsistencies, I’ll freely admit it took me a bit to get back into the swing of editing these type of photos again. I do portrait work, whole other world of editing.

Two Monks Walking

Food Cart Phnom Penh

Coconut Seller

Riverside Market Phnom Penh

Food Vendor Phnom Penh

Fortune Teller Phnom Penh

Riverwalk Bicycle

In Front Of The Palace

Tuktuk Driver

Fruit Seller

Walk On A Fall Day

It is without fail I end up missing when the leaves are changing colors in fall. I am usually on travel and when I return the last thing I want to do is grab a camera and go shoot. Still, I wanted to get out and capture what I could with what leaves are left.

When I took this picture I was wrapping up for the day. Heading towards my car and just shooting as I went. I was at Brookside Gardens and there were lots of people out to enjoy the park in the later afternoon. I guess they were waiting for the garden light stuff that was set up for the winter draw.

I saw this couple walking and I had my camera hanging off the strap. I grabbed it and took the shot. I always like to capture more and I was lucky I got this one. A child on a bike entered the next frame. So I got lucky with the image and managed to capture it.

Nothing fancy editing here. Just basic curves adjustments along with dodging and burning. I did increase the saturation a bit but otherwise it’s right out of the camera.


Walk On A Fall Day

People of Panama

Little departure from the landscape stuff I normally do. I will venture forth into street photography from time-to-time. I’m not a huge fan of doing it because I find it mildly invasive. I also despise having my own picture taken. So I tend not to photos of random people. In addition, I am not a fan of the posed shot unless I am shooting a portrait. I learned this in Thailand where if you ask for a shot odds are you are going to get a peace sign and a huge grin. Not authentic.

I shot these over a couple days. I used my Nikon D810 and my Sony RX100. It just happened to be what I had on me at the time. Some where take in the areas around the fish market and some were taken as I walked downtown. Just depended.

I mainly stuck to the 1×1 crop when I did the editing. This allowed me to focus on the individual. I also went monochrome where I thought it fit and left others in color. This series is longer than my normal but I have more stuff lined up for the week and I didn’t feel the need to split it into two.



Casco Viejo – Part 2

Here is the second part of the Casco Viejo series I shot while I was in Panama. I’ll stress again I didn’t want to go for the typical tourists shots. Anyone can shoot those. I wanted to show the real Casco Viejo that isn’t always pretty.

This set has some people in it. I guess I did a bit of street photography. Unlike the cliche’ street photography stuff I left it in color. I think some people do the conversion to black and white because all the legends of street photography did. Part of it has to do with them shooting film and black and white was cheaper to develop. The other part is that I think people feel the need to shoot in black and white to call it street photography. Good thing I ignore most stuff.


Casco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, Panama

Leading Shadows

I have no idea what this structure is but the shadows it was casting looked cool and then when the two ladies appeared while I was shooting I just went with it. Normally I try and avoid people in my photos but I am increasingly seeing the benefit of them as it gives a human element to the photos so if I am shooting and someone walks into the frame I will see if they work and if not I’ll just wait for them to clear the frame.

Not much going on here edit wise. Usual gradients to get the light down to where I wanted and then a tone curve. Follow all that up with some dodging and burning. I am finding with the Nikon D810 I am less inclined to add filters because the camera has so much resolution that I don’t want to lose that with layering filters on top of it.

Full resolution.


Leading Shadows

Snapshops From Costa Rica

I didn’t travel to Costa Rica for anything other than to get away. I only brought my Sony RX100 and had no real intentions in shooting anything. It rarely left my backpack where I had tossed it in as an afterthought for the trip. I debated on not even taking a camera as I have grown in confidence in my phone since it shoots in RAW and I can post process from those image.

With that all said I did take a few images while I was out and about. Mostly on my way to the Mercado Central where I always visit my coffee guys; Cafe Moka who after 10 years (yes my first trip was in 2005) still remember me. I remember when they had a few customers. Now you have to wait in line to get your coffee by a pack of locals. That’s how you know its good stuff.

No real theme to these images. They are predominately street photography style but it wasn’t my intent. It just ended up that way since it was the subject that was most predominate.


PS – I realized I screwed up the copy write frame on one image. Blame that on the man flu I am suffering from and not being distracted by the football match I had on while editing.

Snapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa RicaSnapshots From Costa Rica



I was sitting in my favorite bar in Costa Rica called Theo’s having the “promoción” or promotion of 2 for 1 beers for 2,000 Colones or around $3.80 when I turned around to stretch and saw this view. Only having my phone with me I snapped the picture and hoped for the best. I then went back to my promoción. I knew when I got back home I would have to take a look at it and see how it came out.

I realize that this isn’t everyone’s taste and to be honest I’m tired after flying all day then heading to work the next morning so one image it is. However, you get to see what a lot of downtown San Jose, Costa Rica looks like. It’s not some tropical paradise. It’s in the mountains and its like a lot of cities; a little worn down without investment and infrastructure. In Latin America you get used to windows having bars on them. You get used to the worn down buildings around you. You get used to the graffiti on walls. It just is apart of the scene. This isn’t the tourist trail. This is real life and Theo’s is a bar that caters to locals and expats on budgets. While I can afford the better places I meet more interesting people in places like Theo’s.

I’d tell you to go visit Theo’s but honestly I get lost every time getting there and have a nice wander around the neighborhood. I figure I’ll work off the calories I am about to consume. However, if you want to ask a taxi or directions don’t ask for Theo’s because the bar still has a sign that says Bar Malibu and the way gringos pronounce Theo’s sounds to a Latino as tio’s and that word is uncles.

Shot on my Nexus 6P and the usual post processing in Photoshop.


PS – Just realized how out of it I was. I never uploaded the image.