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Beaching clearly isn’t a word since it clearly was flagged for spell check but it seems to fit this image I took of Jomtien Beach in Thailand a couple years ago.

I was going to publish another image today but my scratch drive crapped out in the middle of Photoshop and it locked up. So with disgust I just gave up and went with one I had edited earlier. It helps I miss Thailand and the warmth that this time of year provides. It’s nice to remember shorts and t-shirt weather while looking at a forecast of snow later in the week.

Editing wise I didn’t do much. Mostly involves gradients and pushing your visual direction to where I want it. I do it every image to be honest but I just never write about it. Gradients are magnificent things because you can selectively do a lot to an area and not impact the rest of your image. I mainly use then to add or remove contrast in an area. Effectively darkening it or lighting it. If you ever need to pull attention away from an area just use a gradient.

The rest of the image was selective dodging and burning and some color correction. I shot this with my Sony RX100M3 and it has a bad habit of shifting blues towards cyan. While the sky was cyan color I did shift it back slightly towards blue.