Architectural Travels – Part 4

Final installment on the Architectural Travels. These are all from Panama City, Panama as it turns out. Didn’t plan it that way but it is how it worked out.

All these images except for one were shot on my Nikon D810. The one that wasn’t was shot on my Sony RX100III. When I went to edit these some just felt better in monochrome so I did the conversion using Tonality. I have come to prefer that over Silver Efex because you get much better control. Silver Efex has very limited options which causes you to be limited.

With all that out of the way I return to my normal stuff tomorrow. I am hoping to do another series in the future. While a lot of work you get to see a theme and pattern emerge from the images that you just don’t get when you do just one at a time.


Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels Architectural Travels

Architectural Travels – Part 3

I am almost done with the Architectural Travels series. I just have one more set to publish. These images were shot in Chicago, Illinois, Thailand, and Panama. The bulk split between Chicago and Panama.

When I started this series out I never had the intention of splitting it into so many categories. It just worked out that way when I started to edit the images. I could see how some images were more similar to others so it just made sense to save them that way.

This series was shot on 4 cameras. My Sony RX100III, Olympus EM1, Canon S100, and Sony A7R. Short of me looking at the names I can’t visually tell the differences between them. With good editing and a workflow that remains the same you can get consistent results regardless of the camera used. Interestingly enough I do own 3 out of the 4 cameras still. I sold all my Olympus gear to purchase my Nikon gear so I could have full frame for all my professional work.


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At Anchor

This is from Panama City, Panama. Not exactly sure where I was except along the water. I walked from my hotel down to the waterfront that day and just kept walking until I hit Casco Viejo.

In Panama City there are tons of marinas. Some are private and some are public. I didn’t explore them that close as I was just walking along the trail with no particular destination in mind other than towards Casco Viejo. I liked this this image because I could pull the reflections off the water and the boats add a bit of color in another wise flat photo.

My goal when I edited this was to make the boats stand out and give some detail back to the sky. Once I had my basic edits done it was time to start adding masks to the image because there was no other way to bring out details. First was the sky so I loaded up Intensify CK and then masked in the sky bits I wanted. I followed that up with a mask for the boats and land. When you use two different masks you need to make sure the transition is clean between the two masks so you lower opacity to make it look cleaner. Did a bit of a dodge and burn to touch things up and called it done.


At Anchor

Architectural Travels – Part 2

I indicated in part 1 of this series that I was going to go through and clear out all my architectural photos I have taken over my travels. I return with part 2 which I am calling reflections.

These images were taken in Panama City, Panama and Chicago. There are no Thailand shots simply because where I am in Thailand doesn’t do large glass buildings. They are in Bangkok if you are interested but I’m not biggest fan of the city.

These images were shot on 3 different cameras. The cameras were a Nikon D810, Canon S100, Sony A7R, and Sony RX100III. There are subtle differences between the cameras but I tried to keep the images with the same style when editing for consistency purposes.



Tower Above Casco Viejo

This is one of the never before published images from Panama City, Panama when I was there last year.

The tower which is the most prominent feature in the image is the Iglesia San Francisco De Asis. If you are Spanished challenged it’s the Church of Saint Francis of Asis. Who it should be pointed out was never a priest or monk. Just for historical reference.

I liked how the tower stands above everything else in the image. Still there is a lot visually going on. It’s a layered image with the water, the boat, causeway (road), then the smaller buildings then the tower above it all.

When I was editing this image there just wasn’t a lot of color. The buildings are yellow and the roof tiles are red. The sky was grey and with very little details in it. So I did a monochrome conversion using Tonality CK. I just kept playing with sliders until everything felt right. I tried to keep things tonally as separated as I could. The goal being to keep each area distinct as possible. Now looking at it the water is a bit too much but still the overall image is decent.


Tower Above Casco Viejo

Architectural Travels – Part One

I rarely have time to do series of images. This is mainly due to the fact that editing takes considerable amount of time. With me having some time off I went ahead and completed a series I have had in mind for some time, all the architectural shots I have taken over the course the last year or so and publish them in cohesive sets.

I broke up all the images into what I consider sets of similar characteristics. This set I am calling details. It’s more about the finer points within the architecture. Some of it is subjective. It is my interpretation of the style and I do not pretend to be an architect by any stretch of the imagination.

For those of you that read regularly and aren’t into pictures of buildings have hope. I will intersperse the series with normal landscape and travel photos I normally do. I am cognizant that this is mostly personal interest to me.

I’m not going into editing details. The series was shot on 5 different cameras. I have used a Canon S100, Sony RX100III, Sony A7R, Nikon D810, and Olympus EM1. The images were shot in Thailand, Panama, and the United States, specifically Chicago. I could have jammed more in but I thought that was enough.

Hope you enjoy.


Ominous Clouds

This was a typical view for me in Panama City when I was shooting there. Nothing but storm clouds rolling in over the city. Coming in from the ocean and then just hanging there over the city.

I debated on doing this one in monochrome but it works as color as you get a bit more separation of the city and a better layered effect creating distinct areas in the image.

I masked in bits here and there to just give the image some pop. Depending on where I masked I changed the percentage based on what I wanted.

With that much clouds I was going to have to use Noiseless Pro to remove some of it while not making it look unnatural. So the final mask. Hit save and was happy.



Martian Shores

This isn’t really Mars since there is no water on Mars and I don’t know of anyone yet who has managed to go there. Instead this is from Panama City, Panama shot off the fort side of Casco Viejo.

When I went to edit this it felt better in monochrome. So I went to move it into Tonality CK and the conversion left the red rocks looking just dark so to remedy that I went into the hut/saturation slider. I slid it and got the color still in monochrome to look better but switched it over to saturation and slid it right.

I am not a fan of selective color as a rule. However, I think it works as it just adds drama to the image that I think makes it work. Once I was content with what I had bit of a dodge and burn and called it a day.



Rooftop Viewing

I shot this from the top of my hotel while I was in Panama City, Panama. I just set the tripod up as high as I could and pointed the camera in the general direction I wanted.

The one thing I do not like about the Nikon D810 is the fact it doesn’t have a flip screen. This makes some angles a pain to get because you can’t see the screen. The Sony A7R has the D810 for landscapes. It’s why I tend to travel with it more and use the D810 for run and gun stuff or handheld shooting.

Editing again was basic since I was on my Macbook Pro. I hope I removed all the sensor and lens dust.


Rooftop Viewing

Follow The Shore

When this image goes live I believe I will be in the air heading from South Korea heading to Thailand. Nothing says fun like a 20 hour flight to get to a place. The simple 4 hours to Panama was nothing but a short hop.

I am not sure what part of Panama City , Panama the buildings are in. I was on the waterfront walkway heading towards Casco Viejo and I shot this.

Editing for this is again simple due to limitations of a 13″ monitor. My biggest issue is removing all the sensor and lens dust out of the image and I hope I managed it.


Follow the Shore