Royal Pagoda At Nongnooch Gardens

I recently went to Nongnooch Gardens expecting something like a botanical garden. Instead, I found a giant tourist trap that just was horrible. After 2 hours I finally gave up and left.

First off, the place is full of plastic animals be it dinosaurs or other animals. Everything is designed to maximize profit and keep you spending. Want to do this it costs more. Want to do that, additional charge. Plus the layout of the park is a nightmare to navigate.

What I found the most frustrating thing was the stupid plastic animals that were all over for no rhyme or reason. As you can see in this image there is a camel and pandas for no obvious freaking reason other than they could put them there.

Shot on a Sony A7ii, done in HDR by one pissed off photographer.


Framing The Pagoda

This is the Korean Pagoda at Meadowlark Gardens. I have always liked the way it looks so whenever I am there I try and take a few photos of it.

The pagoda is very popular at the gardens. There is always someone in it or around it. I was lucky this day because no one was really there because the weather wasn’t great. While extremely sunny it was very windy. So when I saw this framed view I just went ahead and took the photo.

Editing wise I didn’t do too much. My main goal was to get the pagoda to pop. So I masked in a sharpness layer and then dodged and burned to bring out the details that would have been hidden. I then had to bring down the grass a bit since it went nuclear green because of the bright sunlight. So simple edit.


Korean Pagoda

The Pagoda

I have shot this pagoda before but it was usually a fast shot because it was constantly busy. This time there were maybe 10 people in the entire park so I got the shot I have been wanting. The problem was the light was horrible. So after my editing block last night the epiphany hit me on how to stack the images to get the sky not to be so blown out. All I needed to do was duplicate the images in Lightroom and edit them there then bring them into Photoshop and stack them. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but its much better than it was and I got the pagoda shot I wanted. Enjoy.

The Pagoda


Korean Pagoda

If I had a muse so to say it would be this pagoda.  I have been entranced by it since I first saw it and shot it a couple years ago.  I have never really been happy with the images I have produced but this one I like.  The best part about it is that I used a macro lens and I just shot it in passing because I liked how the trees framed the pagoda.  Sun light is a bit harsh but to be honest it lights up the details under the roof.  So in the end after years of shooting this pagoda I finally have an image I really like.

Korean Pagoda
OMD-EM5, 60mm, ISO 250, f/5.6, 1/1250