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Flower Squares – Part Two

Here are the second half of the flowers I published yesterday. These were all taken in Portland, Oregon at the public Rose Garden. If it wasn’t for people I worked with wanting to get there I doubt I would have ever taken the photos.

There is a bit of a story behind editing these images. It almost didn’t happen. My hands were hurting from lugging around my tripod and Nikon D810 earlier in the day. While it’s not super cold, my tripod is aluminum so all that cold goes right into my hand. So when it came time to edit my hand was screaming in pain. While it only takes a few minutes per image by the time I was done doing 16 I was ready to call it quits.



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Flower Squares – Part One

I have been getting requests for flowers from my Mom almost daily. Since she reads and comments daily I’ll humor her not for just one day but two!

The whole flower thing started when I was a new at photography. I had no real clue what I was doing. If I was outside it was flowers. If I was inside it was my cat. Over the years my photography got better and I realized I hated flowers because I learned to shoot other things. The cat – well she was old and had an extremely charmed life.

So I don’t take a lot of flowers photos anymore. When I was in Portland, Oregon they were doing the Rose Festival. I already published a few sets of the roses. This was the B roll stuff that I didn’t select in the first cut. Some have errors resulting from myself or the camera. Others have issues with the backgrounds. Still, I knew I had them and to make my Mom happy I just went ahead and did the edits.

Going to split this up into 2 sets. There are 16 images totals. This will also buy me some time to do additional editing of all the new stuff I have shot recently. I’m on the road starting this Friday. So I need to preload all the images which means a lot of time sitting in front of the computer and editing

Speaking of editing flowers are easily done. Nothing special here. Contrast adjustments and then dodging and burning. Called it done.



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Portland Roses – Part 2

This is the rest of the roses from Portland, Oregon that I shot. I wish the weather was better when I was out there visiting but the shots I got were pretty good and I did enjoy visiting the city. Would have loved to see the Japanese Gardens that were next to the Rose Garden but I was out of time and I had a plane to catch to San Diego.

I also want to say that this is the last post for weekends going forward. Taking last weekend off made me realize that I could do better editing when I had time to put cohesive series together and work on images instead of rushing them at the end of the day. Churning out images 7 days a week is a lot of effort. While doing that many edits has really pushed my editing skills it also has made me sloppy by rushing them. So no more. Going forward there will be no more images on Saturday or Sunday. I’ll post a reminder next week but this is it.

Enjoy the final weekend post. I go out with flowers much like it started!

Portland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland RosesPortland Roses

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Stormy Skies Over the Willamette River

This is another from Portland, Oregon. I used my 15mm Voigtlander that I got for my Sony A7R that now comes in a native FE mount so no adapter. This is the widest lens I ever owned and I really like the way it keeps distortion to a minimum. The newest Lightroom update even has a lens profile for it.

I  did this one in HDR because it’s about the sky. It’s just cool looking the way it swirls over the bridge and river. I forget where I started in my “base” HDR conversion in Aurora HDR but I started stacking layers and masking various bits in here and there. I really wanted the river smooth like it was a longer exposure than what it was. So I started with that. Then came the sky which required some noise removal. Then I masked in some bits on the bridge. Once I was happy it was time for Photoshop. Another layer mask to get rid rid of the sky noise. I finally ended with a chromatic adjustment layer because once I loaded that many filters on things got a bit funky.


Stormy Skies

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Washed Ashore

I saw these logs when I took a path down towards the Willamette River in Portland. No idea how high the river gets but assume these were logs and stuff were washed ashore when the river was high from rain.

I shot these with my Olympus TG-4 since it was far more maneuverable than my Sony A7R that was mounted on a tripod. I could climb on the rocks to get to the angles I was looking for instead of trying to lug the bigger camera.

I knew when I took these images they were going to be in monochrome or some form of it. I just think it really brings out the texture of the wood when you do it. I used a filter in Tonality CK and then bumped up the structure to bring a bit more out of the wood. Slight dodge and burn and all was good to go.


Washed AshoreWashed AshoreWashed Ashore

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Portland Flowers

Not feeling much like editing from a lot of things coming at me I go with the one thing I can edit in my sleep, flowers. So I present just some of the images I shot of flowers while I was in Portland. These were taken while we were waiting for a table at the restaurant called Pok Pok in Portland. They had a cool system where they just send a text to your phone when your table is ready. So the group I was with took a wander and we all stopped and took pictures of this yard that was overflowing with flowers.

Not much going on editing wise. They are flowers. Simple contrast adjustment using a tone curve, a wee bit of a dodge and burn then calling it down. Gotta love flowers for keeping the editing simple!



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Nestled In The Hills

This is a Portland shot from my balcony in my hotel room. While my view looks ok I was also zoomed out on a 240mm lens. Plus a wee bit of cropping to get some of the extraneous bits out that would ruin the illusion.

No idea why I like the image. I did think it was cool with all the giant pine trees in Portland and people with houses built within them. These were up on a big hill or small mountain. My topographical skills aren’t that hot so work with me on the name. The entire scene with the blue sky behind it and the dark pines and the lights from the buildings just makes it a cool image.

I went low key on this image since it was a 20 second exposure. I did the usual Photoshop stuff then starting bringing in various layer masks from filters I ran. Taking bits here and there.



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This Way To Seattle

No idea the name of the bridge. I know there are only a few you can drive across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. I shot this a little after 7 in the morning I think but there was hardly any sun showing so I knew it was going to be in monochrome. As for the title of the image, the sign says Seattle.

Did the usual standard editing and then used Tonality CK for my monochrome conversion. I have been going with a clarity filter when I do the conversion. It give the skies a lot of texture that are otherwise not visible It also brought out a lot of the details on the bridge as well.


The Way To Seattle

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Wave Crashing In

I didn’t plan on showing any of the images I shot in Portland, Oregon just yet I really liked this one so I went ahead and edited it.

This is a shot of some wake coming on on the Willamette River here in Portland. I was out doing a sunrise shoot (no sun). You get very easy access to the river and I was down right on the water. I had my Olympus TG-4 which is waterproof so I just put it down in the water and set the timer for 2 seconds and let it fire. The wave coming in is what I got!

Editing wise not much going on. You can’t do a whole lot with these images out of a small compact camera. I do have Wacom Tablet with me so I did dodge and burn the wave a bit but that was about all.


Full resolution.

Wave Income