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Around The Yard

This set of images is really all about light for the most part. However, they were all shot around my Mom’s house in Fort Myers, Florida. I really never left her front or back yards. Well, one shot was technically on the neighbors but he doesn’t have a fence so it counts! Plus you can see my Mom’s fence so clearly it was around the yard.

These images were shot on 2 cameras. The Sony A7ii using a 16-25mm 4.0 and a Canon 55mm 1.2 that just showed up in the mail while I was in Fort Myers. The other camera a Sony RX100iii. The images were shot over different days.















Black and White Nature Night Photography

Icy Fingers

Not shot on anything spectacular.  Was walking into Induced Chaos HQ (also known as my condo) and saw this light out front.  Having the always handy and dare I say mighty Canon 330HS with me the following was produced.  I am pretty sure my neighbors think I’m weird with all the images I take around the building but photography is about capturing what is around you.  Its just a matter of how you see it.

Oh, one of these images is just a crop and edited different than the other.

Icy Fingers

Icy Fingers

Icy Fingers


Crystal Shadows with a Splash of Red

I am feeling in a abstract mood.  I really like how the light played off the crystals and cast unique shadows.  When I saw the image in color and noticed the red purse/bag (Hey I’m a guy like I know the difference!) and I knew when I converted the image to black and white it would remain in color just to give the image an additional focal point.  There are so many textures going on in this image along with the shadow and light.  The film quality in the grain gives it some warmth as well so I left it alone.  Sometimes you just create an image based on how you think it should look and this is one of them. It’s not about technical ability but about what you are trying to convey.

Crystal Shadows with a Splash of Red

Black and White Landscapes

Shadows of the Sun

Shadows of the Sun
Sony A58, 55mm, ISO 100, f/9.0, 1/800
Landscapes Nature

Playing With Tulips

These are the throw away shots from the tulips I shot.  The camera freaked out with the back lighting even though the room was lit so the images were darker than they should have been (never trust a light meter).  I was bored so I went to work in LightRoom and threw caution into the wind and started to edit them until I thought they looked interesting.  Here is the end results.

Tulip Backlit Color
Panasonic LX7, ISO 80, 27mm, f/2.1, 1/800
Tulip Backlit B&W
Panasonic LX7, 27mm, ISO 80, f/2.1, 1/800
Tulips Up High
Panasonic LX7, 27mm, ISO 80, F/5.6, 1/100

Go Into The Light

Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35mm, ISO 800, f/2.0, 1/60