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The Power Of Water

This is some channel off the Potomac River at Great Falls on the Maryland side. I was standing on a bridge shooting down. It’s somewhere before the overlook on the falls themselves.

I am fairly certain that the rock is granite. Then again, I am not a geologist and I’m too lazy to Google. The image reminds you how water can carve through rock over the eons. You never really consider it until you pay attention to how the world is shaped by water in either its liquid form or its solid. This granite (assumed) been around since the Earth formed and still the water cut right through it.

There was some angst while editing this. I was going to make the image monochrome but it blew the water out. It became too hot on the conversion and burning it down turned it grey. I really wanted the water to be the focal point of the image. I also wanted the other stuff low key so I was stuck. I finally did the edit in color doing my normal routine. I pulled a trick out I learned awhile back and did a quick conversion using SilverFX playing with sliders until I got it to where I wanted it. I then brought it back into Photoshop and changed the layer to a luminosity mask. Adjusted the opacity until I got it where I wanted it. Just a quick dodge to areas too dark and called it done. It remained in color and I was happy.


The Power Of Water

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Resistance Is Futile

This is one of the new images I shot over the last few weeks. I went hiking in Great Falls on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.

I had my hiking boots on but I had no idea how much rock climbing I was going to end up doing. There are many side trails off the main tow path trail of the C&O Canal. So when I ventured off I was crawling over tall granite rocks while balancing my tripod and my Nikon D810 which was attached to it. Not the easiest thing in the world to do.

I got down close to the river’s edge right near the rapids. As I hiked along I got tons of shots that I would have never gotten without going off the safe trail.

I went monochrome with this image because it was so bright. Even with my polarizing filter I was still dealing with the light reflection off the rocks. I could have used a neutral density but just wanted to keep it simple with the polarizer.

All the editing was done in Lightroom with me only adding tone curves adjustments in Photoshop along with dodging and burning.


Rapids and Rocks

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Safe In The Harbor

I started last week off with a similar image from Panama City, Panama so I might as well start this week off again with a return to Panama. The other image primarily focused on the buildings on the right. This time I pointed the camera towards the harbor.

I knew this image was going to be monochrome. It just worked better as there was very little color to begin with. I think the monochrome conversion also helped to bring out the sky a bit more than leaving it in color would have.

I did the conversion using Nik’s Silver Efex which I haven’t used in a long time. Just to change it up. Once I had the conversion done it was time to make local adjustments with dodge and burn. Then ran the image through Noiseless Pro to remove some of the noise from the sky and masked that in. When I was happy I called it done.


PS – Need to thank Tool (the band) for being the music for this week’s edits. Going to see Maynard James Keenan in November when he’s doing his book tour.

Safe in The Harbor

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Twinkle The Stars

This is the Route 41 bridge that leads to North Fort Myers and crosses the Caloosahatchee River. I suspect it has a name but I have no idea what it is. I again down on the waterfront taking night shots and doing my thing when I looked up and saw the bridge and the other “star” which is actually the Moon. I had my 15mm Voigtlander on the camera so pointed the tripod up and took the picture.

I shot this at F4.5 with a 13 second exposure. The good thing about the Voigtlander I bought for the Sony is that it’s chipped so it passes the EXIF data to the camera so I know what I shot the image at.

Process was pretty straight forward. Went ahead and added contrast using a curve adjustment. Once I had that did some localized dodging and burning and then the layer masking started. I did a quick mask in Aurora HDR, mostly for the sky. Then I masked in some bits from Intensify CK for the bridge and water. The yellow off the sodium lights on the shore was a bit much so a quick hue and saturation adjustment. Masked that in just in that area to not mess with the other parts I liked.


Twinkle the Stars


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Lighthouse At Sunset

This is one of the reasons I went to Bali Hai, the lighthouse at the end of the road. Well, not really end, more like before you take a sharp left hand turn and end up in Pratumnak but most people never make it that far down. You gotta weave through the docks with boats being moved about and roving packs of soi dogs. Rather intimidating unless you been down that way before.

There are double bonus points if you can spot where I removed the Honda Click out of the image. You can also see one of my CCTV installers making an appearance and a creepy old guys’s leg if you look close enough.