Took a ride out to Jomtien Beach just to sit by the Gulf of Thailand and enjoy a cold beer on a hot day. I’m technically retired so I’m allowed these indulgences.

Living in Thailand is a bit surreal at times. I’m in a major tourist area so I don’t get the real, Thai experience as this place caters to tourist. My neighborhood is mostly Thai with a few expat enclaves but for the most part it is Thai oriented. This means I deal with Thais most of the time. This mean Thai style restaurants, shops, and services. Having been here enough I know what to expect but it can still be a bit daunting if I have to ask for something and my Thai vocabulary isn’t there. Lots of gesturing going on. While the Land of Smiles is a bit of a myth; a smile and taking things in good humor goes a long way when there is a language barrier. Generally you can get what you want and need provided you go in with that attitude.

Shot this image on my Canon S100 because I can chuck it into my shorts pocket and be good to go. I’ll be honest and say I shoot it in P mode and let the camera handle everything. For a point-and-shoot it works better. I will override the settings if required but so far the images have been good.

Editing I did my usual then brought it into Intensify and hit a preset. I then masked in the original version of the beach to bring that down a bit just so I could get the clouds and water as the main focus.



Walking Along The Beach

I haven’t seen the Sun in a few days and I think I may have mentioned I miss Thailand or implied I miss Thailand. While they are going through a “cold snap” at the moment I’ll gladly switch even with the mild weather we are having here now. So when I saw this image it reminded me of the good times and weather that I had in Thailand.

This was shot along Beach Road in Jomtein, Thailand and I as sitting on the back of my bike and I saw this Russian couple walking along and talking to each other. So I figured I grab a quick shot.

As for the image itself I left it like it was. It was under exposed by about a stop and a half but I didn’t want to “fix” it. I liked the way it came out. In fact, contrary to my usual workflow I did most of the editing in Lightroom and only did dodging in Photoshop along with the resize. The rest was left as it came out. It was more like how I saw the image when I took it.


Walking Along The Beach

Crescent Bay

This is Pattaya Bay shot from the Naval Overlook up in Pratamnak. This Naval Overlook is a major tourist attraction with tour buses vomiting out tourists in hordes. These same tourists then sit there like dogs pissing on their favorite spot to mark their territory by setting up their tripods preventing anyone else to get a shot without a lot weird angles.

Not 100% happy with this image but I seldom am. It has to do with noise in the sky but I found a new technique today that I will try on my next edit. Removing noise out of a blue channel is always a nightmare and some of the weirder halo effects from doing HDR conversions. Curious to see how the new technique will work.



Temple In The Jungle

Well, not really but you do have to walk down a treacherous set of stairs that are in a leafy canopy to get this view of the Sanctuary of Truth. Trust me, lugging a camera on a tripod down and up these stairs is miserable.

I have no idea how long I have been coming to Thailand now. A good many years and this is my third trip to the temple. It’s been under construction the entire time. Since its all hand crafted, with no nails or anything modern being used in its construction the scaffolding around it has always been there. Still, its a cool place to visit.




Lighthouse At Sunset

This is one of the reasons I went to Bali Hai, the lighthouse at the end of the road. Well, not really end, more like before you take a sharp left hand turn and end up in Pratumnak but most people never make it that far down. You gotta weave through the docks with boats being moved about and roving packs of soi dogs. Rather intimidating unless you been down that way before.

There are double bonus points if you can spot where I removed the Honda Click out of the image. You can also see one of my CCTV installers making an appearance and a¬†creepy old guys’s leg if you look close enough.