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The Catch Offloaded

I shot this at the Panama City, Panama Fish Market. It’s rather a famous tourist attraction but its also a working fish market with local fishermen bringing in the days catch. You can enjoy a nice, fresh seafood meal there if you are inclined and the prices are extremely reasonable. I had a mixed seafood ceviche and two beers for the princely sum of $3.

I snapped this after I finished my lunch and was on my way to Casco Viejo. One of the problems I had with Panama is that the weather wasn’t on my side. The light was constantly overcast and when the humidity hit a certain point the skies would open up and it would pour down rain. So I was always fighting with light and weather.

To make things pop a bit more I masked in some bits here and there. Just give it a bit more color and a bit more detail that would otherwise go missing because of the light.



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Grey Day Fishing

This was shot in Thailand as a storm was rolling in so the sky was grey and all the fishing boats were in and there were only a few people on the beach.

This image just felt monochrome to me. There wasn’t a lot of color to begin with so I hit the greyscale conversion and off I went editing. For a rarity this was mostly edited in Lightroom. There was a lot of extraneous stuff so I did a 2.4 to 1 crop and then started editing. Once I was happy with the basic file it was off to Photoshop for a slight curves adjustment and dodging and burning. I will admit to throwing on a layer mask to bring out the details in the rocks and the boat. Subtle but it needed it.


Grey Day Fishing