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Eiffel Tower via Las Vegas

Home after 3 days in Florida. Didn’t shoot much while there but I got a lot of aerial photos on my way to Florida. Once I get some time from another project I’m working on I may get to them. Right now I’m a wee bit tired from traveling so keeping things simple.

This is the Eiffel Tower that is apart of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. When I got to Las Vegas I stay at the Planet Hollywood next door and they are both owned by Caesars Entertainment. Since I deal with hotel staff I got the word that there was a main power line cut to the Paris Hotel and that the hotel was evacuated and shut down until they could repair the cut. I found out later they got everything back up by 1 AM and let people back in.

That night I wandered over with my tripod and snapped a few shots. It was weird because the casino and hotel were completely dark. There was no light. There were security and Las Vegas police blocking all entrances. I guess the Eiffel Tower was on a different power feed so it was lit up and since there was almost no traffic I could set up almost anywhere. One of the officers looked at me and I just pointed up towards the tower and he was happy that I wasn’t trying to get in or ask when I could get in to get my stuff. I was thrilled that no one was going to walk into my shot.

Editing this one I did things a bit different. Trying a new workflow out to be quicker and I only add one curves adjustment and a lot less dodging and burning. So far so good because I am tired and really not in the mood to edit. I stayed in RGB mode and only did a light burn to the base of the tower. I was going to add some Intensify or even HDR it up but when I loaded it into either program it just wasn’t doing it for me. So I sharpened the image and called it done.


Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas