Wat Phra Yai Pagoda

Wat Phra Yai is the real name for what everyone else in Pattaya calls Big Buddha.

Having seen Big Buddha more times than I care to admit I skip it now and head towards the Chinese Temple that most ignore. Meaning, it’s not jammed by a bunch of tourists being dropped off by the busloads.

If you are ever in Pattaya and are like I rather see the Chinese Temple, just pull in at the top of the parking area and make a left and start walking. The Chinese Temple is actually bigger than the Big Buddha area. Nice, calm, and the best part no tourists to be annoying. The biggest issue you have is the chickens and roosters walking about.

Shot on my Sony A7ii and yep, it’s HDR using Aurora 2019.



Random Temple In Bangkok

I honestly have no idea what the name of this temple is in Bangkok. All I know is that it was off Khao San Road. In Thailand, a temple or a wat in Thai are a Baht a dozen.

To be fair, once you seen one wat you kinda of seen them all. There are only a few that stand out. The trick is to wander around the grounds until you find something different. Granted, I didn’t do that with this set but there was a Chinese Temple next to this one and I got a few shots.

Shot on a Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 17-50mm 2.0 – 4.0.










Verdant Green

Returning to Thailand for this image. After so many days of doing series I need a break to just edit one photo.

This was shot in my favorite temple in Thailand and not the Thai temple but the Chinese temple that is rarely visited. You get the entire place to yourself because the tour buses are dumping the people at the Thai area with a giant Buddha. The Thai’s also head that way except those of Chinese decent which is why this temple is here. You get a few Chinese-Thai but for the most part it’s very quiet.

This image is a composite of 5 separate images. Once I got them aligned I did my curves adjustment and then dodged and burned. Ran it through Intensify CK to bring out some details then did a bit of color correction and called it a day.



Green Tranquility

This was shot at the Chinese temple in Pratumnak Hill. The local Thai temple gets all the attraction but the Chinese Temple is really the one worth the visit. If you are curious and in Pattaya I recommend asking to visit the temple on Pratumnak Hill and then say stop at the Chinese temple. In Thai Chinese is Jinn. While I can read Thai I am barely conversational so when you see the road leading to the left just say, “Pum ya yuy tini. Tinie Jin mai?”, which mean, ‘I want o to stop here. This here is Chinese yes?’.

I have shot a similar image with my Canon point and shoot but this time I used my Sony RX100M3. So I could push the pixels a bit more than the last time.

I do highly recommend a visit to the temple. Most Thai people know Big Buddha.



Gentle Reflections

This is a pool/pond I really don’t know what to call it in a Chinese Temple. It’s near a tourist trap temple complex of the image I posted yesterday. I really like going to the Chinese temple because its calm and quiet and no one is ever around.

I think I am going to take a break for the Thailand photos. I am sitting on a backlog of stuff I have shot and since I have moved and started to walk to work I have been shooing that. So I have lots of options and I need a bit a break from the HDR world and go back to some other style of shooting.

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year and I’ll see you on January 1.




Somewhere In China

Or to be more exact, the Disney version of China located in Orlando, Florida. I guess the Disney version of China works if you can’t go to the real thing. I will give Disney their kudos for having native speaking staff at every country. It does give the experience authenticity. In every country I would hear the staff speaking to each other in their own languages. Made it more immersive.

So enjoy this Disney version of China.


Sun Over A Chinese Temple

I wish I snuck off to China but I did the next best thing which was head to Walk Disney World’s Epcot. My Mom drove up from Fort Myers and we managed to hit all of Epcot in a whirlwind tour.

I have no idea how many images I took. I saw lots of cameras as we wandered around the park. I was a bit smug as I watched people lugging around DSLRs and here was me with my Sony RX100M3. Happily it fit in my cargo shorts pocket. It handled everything I threw at it.

So enjoy this little jaunt to China.