Landscapes From The Naples Zoo

While I was at the Naples Zoo I snuck in a few landscape type photos. Well, close enough to landscape to count in my world. I feel more comfortable doing these edits because I have kept my hand in shooting them even if I didn’t publish them.

I have been editing furiously while I am here in Florida. When I get back I will start publishing some of the older stuff I have shot. It will be a mix of stuff from the US and Thailand and Cambodia.









Required Viewing

This was shot on the Portland River Walk along with the previous image from here. If I was to be honest I would tell you I screwed up the name and this one was to be titled the sweet spot. Oh well.

I haven’t worked in black and white lately and its been fun to do a few images. For images like this it’s just more interesting when you do a black and white because it then becomes about textures and tones.

When you do an image like this you start to bring out features that otherwise aren’t visible when its in color. Things just get enhanced in unexpected ways that just make the image pop.

Editing for this was all done in Tonality CK. I just play with sliders until I’m happy. Then some dodging and burning and called it done.


Required Viewing

Sweet Spot

This was taken in Portland last year. After going through the images I found a few more that I figured I wanted to process.

I remember the day I took this because it was cold and grey. I was up before dawn and doing long exposures while the sky was still dark. As it got light I just kept pressing on and shooting not knowing what I was going to get out of it. Happy I did.

I have discovered that days like this, with moody skies make for great black and white images. You can really bring out the sky and other details. It takes the need for good light out of the equation and you still have a very nice image.

Did my usual post processing in Lightroom then into Photoshop then quickly into Tonality for the black and white conversion. I just use sliders until I’m happy. I can’t tell you specifically what I did. I just start playing until it looks good.

Once I was happy it was back into Photoshop for local dodging and burning. Then hit save and was done.



Washed Ashore

I saw these logs when I took a path down towards the Willamette River in Portland. No idea how high the river gets but assume these were logs and stuff were washed ashore when the river was high from rain.

I shot these with my Olympus TG-4 since it was far more maneuverable than my Sony A7R that was mounted on a tripod. I could climb on the rocks to get to the angles I was looking for instead of trying to lug the bigger camera.

I knew when I took these images they were going to be in monochrome or some form of it. I just think it really brings out the texture of the wood when you do it. I used a filter in Tonality CK and then bumped up the structure to bring a bit more out of the wood. Slight dodge and burn and all was good to go.


Washed AshoreWashed AshoreWashed Ashore

Silent Canons

This shot comes form the Manassas Battlefield. This is only half the canon that was in this particular row and I don’t know how historically accurate their placement is but they were on a slight rise so strategically speaking it would have been a position to fire down on enemy troops. While I wasn’t intimidated walking up to them it would not be something that as an average soldier I would have wanted to attack. While canon themselves weren’t accurate back then they were lethal when loaded with shot which was small ball bearings designed to just take out a swatch of soldiers walking in format. The Civil War was the first modern war that showed how good we humans are at killing each other.

The photo itself mostly edited in Tonality CK. Once I had my basic edits I brought it into Tonality for the monochrome conversion. I find myself using it more because it gives you much more granular control over the conversion than Nik Silver Efex. Granted, Silver Efex is free so you can’t knock it and it served me well over the years but I lean towards Tonality now. Once I had the conversion I did a bit of dodging and burning and said enough.

Full resolution here.


Silent Canons

The Fence

My first monochrome image in a long time and I suspected that after reviewing the shots from Manassas Battlefield I would be doing a lot of these in monochrome just because the light was so overcast.

This fence encloses the house that is on the battlefield that was used as a command center for one of the two warring armies. It’s a typical US Civil War style fence and if you have traveled or lived in a Southern state its rather typical so you see them often.

I used A mount 17-35mm Tokina that I picked up to cover the areas between my on order 15mm Voigtlander and the Sony 24-240mm. That and a 50mm macro are my last two adapted lenses for the A7R. It did a nice job with this image and the vignetting is from the monochrome conversion not the lens. Speaking of conversion to monochrome I used Tonality CK instead of doing it manually or SilverFX. I was very pleased with how it came out and I got a lot more control over the final image than I do with SilverFX.

Click here for the full resolution.


The Fence