Just A Bit Of Sun

I was down near the beach enjoying a beer at my local watering hole and wanted to grab some sunset photos. Sadly, where the bar is located versus where I live I missed the sunset for the most part. Hence the title, just a bit of sun.

This was taken off Jomtien Beach with my Sony RX100iii which I am now just chucking in one of my pockets in a case and carrying around with me. This way I can grab more photos without resorting to a phone.

If you were wondering why there was a lag between shots I have been waiting for my online backup to finish the upload to my backup service. I have a brilliant download speed here in Thailand but my upload lacks. I saw close to finished and didn’t want to dump the 30 or so gigabytes of photos I had until the initial backup finished which took nearly 6 weeks.



Selfie At Sunset

This was shot on the beach obviously. One of the interesting things about the beach is you rarely see a Thai out there in the day unless under the umbrellas. It’s a social thing with dark skin. For an outsider looking in the dark skin issue is a bit weird but when you go shopping you will see nothing but whitening creams even if its everyday lotion that does zero for whitening skin. So when I was shooting at sunset the number of Thais far outnumbered the tourists on the beach. They came down in pairs or groups and most where there to watch the sunset and enjoy a bit of the water.

This is the first image using the new sky process I was discussing. It basically uses gaussian blur layer then masking it back into the image. It smooths out the sky nicely I think and was pleased with the results overall. Still a bit more playing before I call it perfect but much easier than making 17 different layers and masking them in.



The Low Tide Smooths

I was getting creative by the time I took this one off the beach. I had experimented before with dropping my tripod almost to ground level and firing off some shots just to change the perspective. I think with this image it really works.

I really wanted the rocks to be dominate in the foreground while making the sky and water look smoother. While I’m not 100% happy with how I smoothed out the sky its vastly improved over the original sky I had. It took lots of masking to finally get it to where I was happy enough with it. I honestly lost count of the number of layers and masks I did to get it.



Playing On The Beach

I shot this on the beach one evening at sunset. I was hoping for a more spectacular sunset but the clouds had other ideas but I still stuck with it. This little spot of sand was popular with everyone. Lots of families would walk out to it and take a selfie. I just set up to the right of it and took the shots that came. Shooting at ISO 50 with an aperture stopped down to F22-F25 depending on the zoom made things for long exposures so its why people are blurred.

I still liked the colors in this image. I went ahead and made it softer so it would look more dreamy and diffused. Giving it that ethereal type quality.