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The Green Mile

Likely not a mile. In fact, about 50 meters tops but Green Mile sounds better than Green 50 Meters. Plus, it’s one of those images that I should not publish but I like it so I am.

I shot this at the National Zoo near the Panda area. The green is bamboo and the light and stuff was coming through and I thought it would look cool. I was using my 70-200 for the first time and hand holding it so the image didn’t come out exactly the way I anticipated but again, I liked it.¬†Shooting the zoo was an adventure and I’ll get to editing cohesive sets of cute animals in the future.

Editing wise, I went HDR for this but toned it down by masking it in. The image is more about feel than photographic perfection. I just liked making the image what I envisioned versus what the camera captured. Sometimes it’s nice to play with reality and make it what you want.


The Green Mile