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Stand Up For Your Rights

These images are nothing special. They are barely edited to prove a point. I am going to relay from my Facebook post what happened when I took them. 

If you are a photographer, regardless of your country of origin, stand up for your rights. 90% of the countries don’t care what you shoot. Learn your laws and respect them. Just don’t be intimidated by some individual that views their authority as a way to limit your rights. 

So I just had my run-in with security here at the airport. First time in all my years shooting that I have had someone from the airport ask me why I am shooting. When pointing out that I am allowed to because there was no signs prohibiting it he backed down but said he could call law enforcement. Ok. Please call them and I will tell them the same. I have been there and done that before even with Federal Officers.

It pisses me off in this “age of threats”, his words; that taking a simple photograph would be cause of concern. Photographers aren’t criminals. We are allowed by right to take photos in public places unless otherwise posted.

What really annoys me was that there are tons of people using their cell phones for the exact same thing. Their quality is close to the camera I am using. Yet, no one says a word. Start using something that looks like a camera and you become suspicious.

So Reagan Airport you can not expect to see me.

Stand Up for Your Rights

Stand Up for Your Rights

Stand Up for Your Rights