Sites and other photographers I follow who not only teach me about photography but inspire me to get off my ass and shoot some more.

Pattaya Days
Without Spike at Pattaya Days this little outpost on the internets would not exist.  I started stalking found Spike through another website that linked to a photo of his.  I owned a camera and I put it into auto mode and walked around and snapped.  Whatever came out was what I was content with.  Nothing special and a lot of what I produced was garbage (still is).  Spike had a photography guide on his site and I just randomly clicked on it and read it.  I had tried to read photography books before and my eyes would glaze over.  I read what Spike wrote and it just clicked.  It made sense to me in my tiny little brain.  This started me on the downward spiral that is photography and the next thing I knew I bought a Olympus E-P1 which I fooled around with but hated because of no viewfinder.  So I sold it and the next thing I knew I bought a Olympus E-P2 kit with the VF-2 viewfinder and I was hooked.  This started my love of Micro Four-Thirds cameras and really allowed me to understand a camera because they are light and portable and you can take one every where you go.  Without Spike I would have had no clue what a Micro Four-Thirds camera was and still believe the crap the camera pros shove at you in stores.  You don’t need some massive DSLR rig to get great photos.  You just need a camera and the ability to use it.  So do me a favor and go and read Spike’s site and buy his photography guide because I never did seeing how I am cheap and Spike would completely not understand.

Visual Science Lab
This is Kirk Tuck’s little platform to pontificate on photography.  He’s an old school photographer with lots of years doing it as a pro.  He’s a bit cranky and curmudgeonly but as he points out its his site and he can write what he wants.  Kirk isn’t about how impressive your gear is or how many megapixels your camera can shoot while having your ISO cranked to 100000, he’s about the skill and the art of photography.  Yes, anyone can hand a camera to someone and they will get shoots that are decent.  It takes skill and knowledge to get great shots.  He also harps on the difference between a professional photographer and anyone with a camera who thinks they are one.  The difference is consistency.  You pay a professional for a consistent product.  Check out his site and his wisdom.

Zack Arias
Hard working rock star photographer without the rock star photographer attitude. His blog tells you how to be a professional photographer which isn’t easy and he doesn’t bullshit you.  He also doesn’t tell everyone you need to have that $4000 lens to get a picture or the $8000 camera. It’s about skill (See a theme in who I read?) and knowledge on how your gear works.  He also does a Q&A on Tumblr that allows mere mortals like me to get real answers from a professional photographer.  If you ever wanted to know what a professional photographer will tell you without shelling out big money for some seminar this is the site to hit.  Zack is real and honest.

Eric Kim Street Photography
I am not sure how I found Eric’s site but I did.  I had done street photography before with my first camera but didn’t have a clue I was doing it.  Then I kinda got out of it and started doing flowers (which I hate).  Eric is the master of the street photo and I have started to do it more as a way to break out of my shell and look at the world with a different set of eyes.  He does some amazing work and his video interviews with other street photographers gives you some insights on how things work for street photography.

This is the Top Gear of photography.  If you haven’t seen Top Gear than you need to make an effort.  Don’t watch the American version which I do enjoy, but watch the UK version which I linked to.  That is Top Gear and that is DigitalRev.  DigitalRev is a social site and retailer of cameras but what makes DigitalRev really good is DigitalRev TV.  They make fun of all things photography while teaching you a thing or two.  If you aren’t squeamish about watching a $1500 camera be burnt to a crisp or a $3000 camera be tossed into the air for a picture then watch it.

Admiring Light
Spike turned me on to Admiring Light when I was doing something with 50mm lenses and Jordan who run’s Admiring Light went and did tests on lots of 50mm lenses.  He’s just an average guy with a passion for photography and a love for Micro Four-Thirds gear.  His images are spectacular and worth looking at.  He also does honest reviews on gear not full of technical mumbo jumbo as well.

Run by Reed George he is working on a project of shooting with Panasonic Lumix gear for a year.  He often links off to other interesting sites that you can spend a few hours of time just reading and following links.

London Street Photo
Cool site run by a London Street photographer.  Good images and some worthy reviews of lenses along with interviews of other street photographers.

50 Faces
This is a project of photographers from all over where you have to take 50 portraits and ask each person 3 questions.  I have submitted two portraits there already.  If you are a photographer shooting portraits please check out the site and submit your work.