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Around The Yard

This set of images is really all about light for the most part. However, they were all shot around my Mom’s house in Fort Myers, Florida. I really never left her front or back yards. Well, one shot was technically on the neighbors but he doesn’t have a fence so it counts! Plus you can see my Mom’s fence so clearly it was around the yard.

These images were shot on 2 cameras. The Sony A7ii using a 16-25mm 4.0 and a Canon 55mm 1.2 that just showed up in the mail while I was in Fort Myers. The other camera a Sony RX100iii. The images were shot over different days.















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Real or Reflected

Shot this in Luray caverns. I haven’t went back and edited the series like I intended because it’s such a challenge with the light, color correction and so many other things going on with the images.

Just a quick post today because I am actually setting up all my stuff. I moved to a new place here in Thailand and it will be home for the next 12 months. I haven’t unpacked all my stuff since June 5th when I left for Florida so this is the first time I am getting around to doing it. Of course the important, like my computers and other stuff were first but the rest must be unpacked and stored.

Editing this I was going to do it HDR and then mask it in with an Intensify layer. I did the HDR and was happy enough with it. When I did the Intensify portion it looked way better so never masked it in. I just did some dodging and burning and used a gradient in Camera Raw to do some rebalancing. Not the greatest of images but it does mess with your mind a bit.


Real or Reflected

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Spring Trees – Part 1

This series was shot at two locations on back-to-back days. They were taken at Brookside Gardens and Meadowlark Gardens. I was playing with the Nikon D5500 and had my Sigma 24-105 on the camera.

I am on travel this week as I start the final part of my journey as I move to Thailand. With all the travel I have done all the editing in one shot. I am preloading all the posts for the week so I can focus on getting to Thailand.

Editing for every images was just my Lightroom and Photoshop workflow and nothing more.


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Nature Squared – Part 2

Here is the second installment of nature squared. This was also shot in Brookside Gardens but on the lake part for lack of better description.

This set is going to be a bit different. The previous set was more landscape based and there are elements of that in this set. This one is more abstract in the way I shot it. The theme is there in that it’s all nature but the it’s not going to be as in your face and obvious.

Just like the previous set some of these were shot in portrait mode and then sized down to fit a square. Others were just cropped down to hide stuff I didn’t want seen or just to fit the theme I was working with.

I did nothing different editing wise. Just my usual workflow so if you want to see look back two days for that post. Like the previous images it was shot on a Sony RX10.


nature squarednature squarednature squarednature squarednature squarednature squared

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All About Reflections

I thought I goofed and copied these images as just individual files last week when I was on the road. Turns out I just missed the folder completely so I get to save some editing time and publish them this week!

These were all taken at Brookside Gardens as I spent several hours just walking around playing with my Sony RX10. I had no real plan of shooting anything in particular except some fall leaves. I came home with a plethora of different images with all sorts of subjects. The RX10 is a handy camera when you just want to go light with one camera. The 24-200 2.8 lens allows you to cover most ranges without worry and you can shoot a variety of subject as your whim takes you.

Editing these was straight up camera profile in Lightroom and then adding gradients as needed. Then moving right into Photoshop for a curves adjustment for tone and contrast. After that local dodging and burning as needed.


All About ReflectionsAll About ReflectionsAll About ReflectionsAll About ReflectionsAll About ReflectionsAll About Reflections

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Rush of Water

I promised a series yesterday since I just wasn’t in a position to post after an extremely long day at work. So I will deliver as promised. This series might be a bit abstract for some.

I was shooting at Great Falls and I just was fascinated by the light on the white water areas. So I took the opportunity to photograph these while I was doing other landscape work. I knew it would be a bit more abstract than normal but I think it works. I wanted a cohesive series to work with since a single image wasn’t going to convey much. With the series you get an idea of the power of water as it rushes through the world.

Editing wise these are straightforward edits. Nothing fancy was done other than add tone curves and local adjustments. Then some straight up sharpening to give things a bit of bite that would be missing.


Rush of WaterRush of WaterRush of WaterRush of WaterRush of WaterRush of WaterRush of WaterRush of WaterRush of Water

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Architectural Travels – Part 2

I indicated in part 1 of this series that I was going to go through and clear out all my architectural photos I have taken over my travels. I return with part 2 which I am calling reflections.

These images were taken in Panama City, Panama and Chicago. There are no Thailand shots simply because where I am in Thailand doesn’t do large glass buildings. They are in Bangkok if you are interested but I’m not biggest fan of the city.

These images were shot on 3 different cameras. The cameras were a Nikon D810, Canon S100, Sony A7R, and Sony RX100III. There are subtle differences between the cameras but I tried to keep the images with the same style when editing for consistency purposes.



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World Within A World

This the Bean thing in Chicago. It’s really called Cloud Gate and it’s located in Millennium Park in downtown. If you are near Michigan Ave and Wacker Ave. it’s an easy walk.

I have published a similar image before. I really did this because I wanted to play with HDR and test Aurora 2017 and doing layers with it. So not my finest work in life but it did what I needed.

I have had Aurora 2017 for some time. I just haven’t been in the HDR mood. Of the the reasons is the stupid halos you get when you do HDR around items with sky. There is ways to combat it but it’s tedious and time consuming. The other thing is Aurora 2017 wants you to drag straight from Lightroom into the program and start having it. The problem is that it will ignore all your corrections which really pisses me off. I have custom camera profiles for all my cameras. This has fixed a lot of issues with color and perspective. Aurora 2017 ignoring this has caused problems. What the hell is the point of getting accurate camera info if the program ignores it?

To fix this I just did a single image edit. I applied all my profile adjustment then did my usual adjustments in Lightroom involving gradients and so on. I use Photoshop to put in contrast and so on. When I was done I just took the image into Photoshop and then selected Aurora 2017 as a filter and went to work.

I just kept making layers and masking in within the program. Each layer was working on a specific item within the image. I want the bean thing to the focal point so I did the most HDR in there. Then I did the sky and masked that bit in. Then did a bit of lightening and masked that in. Hit apply and back into Photoshop for local dodge and burn and some desaturation.

This was a quick and dirty edit and nothing fantastic but it’s a fun photo. I could have done it normal but I think the whimsical nature of it already made it a candidate for a test.


World Within A World

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The Abstract Fall

This is from Brookside Gardens when I took out my Sony RX10 for a test spin to see how it would perform. The final image reminds me of an abstract painting.

I took this picture strictly because of the light coming through the leaves. It backlit the leaves perfectly. I believe I used the camera’s built-in 3-stop neutral density filter to give me a bit more dynamic range. While never a real substitute for a real filter it does work and it’s easier than carrying a real one and taking it on and off.

Editing wise nothing special. Normally I do all my curves adjustments in Lab Mode in Photoshop but this time I did my initial curve in RGB Mode. This allows me to punch color much more effectively. I then went into Lab Mode for additional contrast adjustments. I did the usual dodge and burn then called it a day.


The Abstract Fall


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Burst Of Red

If you read my post yesterday you read that I was struggling to edit. I turned on some Tool and opened up another set of images and started to edit. I believe Tool’s – The Pot or Vicarious was on when I was editing this one. Either way, the edits came much easier.

This was one of the first images I shot with the Sony RX10 I purchased. I really like the camera and what I can get out of it. Supposedly it’s the same sensor as the RX100III I own. It just seems I am able to get a bit more out of it versus the RX100. May be just because it’s new to me but I am able to push these images a bit more.

This is more or less straight out of camera. I didn’t mask in layers. I did bump the hue/saturation a bit to get the red to punch a bit more and bring out the yellows of the leaves in the background. I then dodged and burned various areas to do local contract adjustments. I paid attention to the lights just because they lead in towards the leaves. I deliberately left them in the frame when I took the image.


PS – Still listening to Tool as I wrote this. This time Forty Six & 2 and Hooker With A Penis. No, Hooker With A Penis is not about a transgender person. Look up the lyrics and it will make sense.

Burst of Red