Boat In The Muck

Boat In The Muck

I have come to the determination I’m fascinated by boats because I have a crapload of photos of them. This is a small crab or shrimping boat I am guessing by the traps near it that was sitting in the muck at low tide in Naklua, Thailand. There is a small fishing village that was behind me that I would have loved to wander through but it’s people’s private lives and the last thing they want is some guy wandering through treating their lives like a tourist attraction. I’m sure it’s happened since it’s near a famous seafood market but it’s not my personality. I have ridden through the fishing village near me enough times that they aren’t thrilled with seeing me.

Also, this image shows you all the lovely crap that winds up in the oceans due to humanity. You personally could not get me to walk on that and trust me, Thais don’t wear rubber boots when they go fishing.



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