Pattaya Bay from Wongamat Beach

Pattaya Bay from Wongamat Beach

Took this while I was wandering down in Wongamat Beach. It’s actually a really good view of Pattaya Bay and Pattaya City towards Walking St. You can also see Pratumnak Hill and the ever-present spire I look out to form my own condo which is Dongtan Beach.

Oh, if you are wondering you can walk down to the Pattaya City sign. There is a park up there. You can also see Pattaya’s biggest disaster which is the building to the left of the Pattaya City sign. I have been coming here for like 14 years, it’s never been completed. The authorities made them remove the craine because it was rusting. They also made them remove 8 floors from the building. People actually bought into that place before it went bust. It is now just an eyesore on Bali Hai.



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