Signs In Jomtien Thailand

Signs In Jomtien Thailand

I do love a good sign here. I have missed taking a photo of But Stop when bus was misspelled but you can’t have everything in life. All of these except the police box was taken here in Jomtien where I live. The police box was taken in Pattaya when I was up there on an excursion. The best thing about these types of shots is that they are easy and just fun to take. Nothing serious about them. Also, if I have had to pick a favorite it would be seafood burnt. Oh, before anyone has thoughts on I am picking on Thai translation to English I’m not. Fun fact, we all use Google Translate which is crap to put it nicely for translating Thai to English or vice versa. Everyone knows it including Thais. We just accept it, Thais and foreigners and in Thailand, if it’s a little sanook (fun) you just go with it.

These were shot using a Sony RX100iii and a Nikon D5500.









2 thoughts on “Signs In Jomtien Thailand

  1. The signs are interesting, but the wiring is down-right frightening! It is amazing anything works there with the crazy wires. I would hate to be a line repair person and have to figure that mess out.

    1. 1. Wiring makes sense after a few years. I can understand most of it and I don’t read Thai.

      2. Bill Gates, yes that Bill called it a giant mess. They are in process of digging up the roads and burying the wires. Most are internet. On top is power.

      The entire country looks the same but you get used to it. Part of the charm of Thailand ranks 4th or something in internet speeds. Trust me, I abuse mine.

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