Valley In Rayong Thailand

Valley In Rayong Thailand

I went to a durian farm somewhere in the wilds of Rayong with a group of friends. Of course, we picked the hottest day to possibly do this but it’s Thailand and we have 2 seasons. Hot and rainy and just hot. As you can tell we are now in the hot and rainy season with storms being common. I can’t really tell you much about durian farming other than they grow on trees, they only smell like unwashed feet when they are super ripe and they are heavy and like growing on top of mountains that you have to freaking walk up in said heat that is face-melting. Made for a great day out!

I took this on top of said hill looking down on the valley. The durian trees were behind me if you were wondering. The rest of that is just standard Thai foliage. Might be some rubber trees for all I know. It’s Thailand and they are the proud producers of most of the world’s condoms!



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