Phra Pokklao Ariyakhet

Phra Pokklao Ariyakhet

I could explain this or I could just let the website for Wat Yanasangvararam do the heavy lifting for me. I think I will do the latter. What I do know is that I could not get close to the statue at the end due to the fact that two temple dogs weren’t thrilled with my presence and while I normally shoo them off in Thai they weren’t backing down so this is all I could get.

Now for the description:

This monument was built as a merit-making homage to His Majesty King Prachadhipok (Rama VII), whose reign saw democracy established in Thailand. At the entrance to the monument are the busts of His Majesty King Prachadhipok as a layman and a monk. A life-size statue, casted from dark smoked bronze, of His Majesty King Prachadhipok seated on a throne, is at the innermost section of the monument.



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