Long Tail Fishing Boats On The Shore

Long Tail Fishing Boats On The Shore

There is a small fishing fleet up the road from me. They bring their boats on sure and there is a spontaneous seafood market on the beach. Whatever gets caught gets sold to the local residents, and whatever doesn’t get sent to a seafood market. They have saltwater fish like seabass, there are tons of squid, and you will see loads of prawns too. Since I’m allergic to cleaning seafood I take a pass and get it at a store where the work is done for me. I’m lazy like that.

As for the long tail fishing boats, they are the most common for small operators. There are larger Asian style trawlers out in the deeper waters that are the more hardcore commercial fishers. If you want to pretend to be on Deadliest Catch Thailand feel free to come over if you can get a flight. They are facing a labour shortage since the borders are closed to Mynamar which is where most of the labour comes from! I just made up the Deadliest Catch Thailand but conditions on those boats are “rough” at best.



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