Phra Boromthat Chedi Maha Chakripipat

Phra Boromthat Chedi Maha Chakripipat

If you are wondering what Phra Boromthat Chedi Maha Chakripipat means, it’s a roughly translated to mean the Stupa that contains the Buddha’s relics for the progress and stability of the Chakri Dynasty. You can read more about this here. I took this image and a few others at Wat Yanasangvararam when I took a drive out there and packed a camera. I like to go walking in different areas. It was nice because this is normally a tourist temple. There was no one so I had the complex to myself except for a few vendors, worshippers, monks, and the every present temple animals roaming around.

I actually processed this in HDR in the sense I took 3 bracketed images which I rarely do. Aurora HDR does a good job of making a single image HDR so I tend to use it a lot. Plus, I tame down the worst of the HDR and make it as “normal” as possible unless I’m going for the over-the-top look. This time I just did the camera and lens profile in Lightroom and then went straight to Aurora and did the work there. Then into Photoshop for some perspective correction as I was shooting at 16mm.



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