Angry Clouds Over Koh Larn

Angry Clouds Over Koh Larn

I’m guessing that this is Koh Larn as there is a small chain of islands off the coast here in Pattaya. Trying to orientate myself is next to impossible since I have a piss poor sense of direction on a good day. This is a typical Thailand morning here during the rainy season. You get awful light until the sun rises and then scorches your soul and apparently melts the clouds to make hellish humidity to add to your discomfort.

The floating things are swimming barriers. This is, in theory, to prevent you from going out too far or to stop the jetskis from coming in at a high rate of speed and killing you. If you are the driver of said jet ski, beyond hitting someone the owners will ask for an extortionate amount for “repairs” that will never be done. Jet ski scams are a lucrative business here!



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