Stupas At Wat Pho

Stupas At Wat Pho

Very obvious from the title that these are stupas at Wat Pho or Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. If you go to any temple complex you will see stupas all over the place. If you are desperate to learn more feel free to click on the link. Wikipedia knows everything. The internet, in theory making people smarter but mostly used for social outrage from anonymous people passing judgement on others.

I just want to point out that editing this was a total nightmare. I used a wide-angle 10-20mm lens on my Nikon D5500 and lets just say is screws with perspective. Even with distortion correction for the lens profile things were still wonky. So I manually went in and did it. Used both Lightroom and Photoshop until I got it relatively right. Then ran it through Aurora HDR to recover the sky and bring out the features. Then a shitload (recognized unit of measurement) of dodging and burning.



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