Early Morning Catch

Early Morning Catch

I insanely walked the entire length of Beach Rd in Jomtien, well until I hit the police quarantine area which mandated I turn back. I was happy to turn back as I was near death anyway and I had to walk back to my bike. A distance of 10km. I am still debating on a below the knee amputation to ease my aching calves and feed. If the hospital denies my request I did buy a knife sharpener and I’m not afraid to use it to get my knives sharp enough.

Anyways, I saw this guy fishing. There were still a few boats out as it was ass o’clock in the morning (official time just not listed on clocks). Most of the boats were in and selling their catches. Don’t worry, I have photos of that as well.

I figured this one would be good for a Monday image. It’s grey and depressing just like most Mondays are not that I really have a clue about days anymore. I thought yesterday was Saturday when it was in fact Sunday. The joys of not having a schedule are boundless.

I was going to do the image in black and white but left it in colour. It seemed to bring the imagery out better in colour.


PS – Happy 4/20. Sadly not legal here unless for medical or a Thai national. I’m neither.


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    1. Actually it was just early and he didn’t I just caught him at the right moment. Plus most of the fleet was in selling the catch onshore.

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