Tiny Reflections

Tiny Reflections

I have been exercising again, well walking around my condo complex which I discovered is freaking huge. To alleviate the boredom of said exercise I take a camera out with me. This being the mighty Sony RX100III.

We have officially entered the rainy season here in Thailand but the water situation is critical. They are rationing water and cutting it off. The good thing is water is stored in tanks here and water trucks come in and fill them up. So I’m in no danger.

These images were after a storm rolled through, well, all except one image and that’s just because I liked it. If you look at the sticker in the right-hand mirror that is the Buddhist year 2564 which will be 2021 when the registration for the car expires and needs to be renewed. This year is 2563 for inquiring minds. Oh and the flower thing hanging from the mirror is blessed by a monk to bring safety and luck. You need them driving in Thailand.

Enjoy the reflections. Nothing photographically great but it amused me to take them.


PS – I got stuck in a storm today walking in a new area. Photos will eventually follow. It’s was thundering while I edited these so who knows if more rain is on the way.







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