Open To Go Only

Open To Go Only

This was part of my wandering around with a Sony A7R and manual focus lenses. Not sure what is going on but the picture quality isn’t great on the A7R. I will try the adapted lenses on another camera. This photo was taken with an Oshiro 35mm f/2. I have used it before and had great results but who the hell knows. I also used an older than dirt Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 and had the same problem.

I came across this food cart on Jomtien Beach when I was out riding around with the camera strapped across me. Nothing says cool like riding a scooter with a 1970’s camera strap and a camera hanging from your side. It’s a chick magnet! Well, not really as even you can see she ignored me and so did the soi dog. Oh well, I got a photo out of it.



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