Little Restaurant On A Back Soi

Little Restaurant On A Back Soi

If you haven’t figured out I live in Thailand; surprise! I live in Thailand. With most crap shut down due to some virus that’s going around like cooties leaves me nothing but time. Not that I did a lot before. However, napping, watching TV and reading is hard work along with socializing with friends and keeping the San Miguel Brewery in the black financially. I still do the napping, TV watching and reading but the socializing seems to have diminished in recent days. I am not sure why. Hell, yesterday I was forced to buy a damn mask so I could go out and pay money to the government for those pesky things like electricity and water.

Seeing how I have time on my hands I grabbed my Sony RX100 which fits perfectly into the cup holder on my mighty Honda Click 125i ( the i stands for I have no idea). I took a ride around town. There is almost no traffic as this place is a tourist town so I had free reign on shooting stuff. I stumbled across this little restaurant on some back soi in Na Jomtien. I jumped off the bike, almost got hit by an empty tourist bus and took the image. Why the bus was on this desolate back road I have no idea because it was too big for this narrow ass road with a 45-degree turn. Still, it’s Thailand and I accept the surreal as normal.

If you are wondering what the signs mean they are local landmarks or towns near the restaurant. I guess if you are really bored you can look them up.

Anyways, sadly the restaurant is closed but I suspect in the future I’ll take the ride down there and have a meal because it looked cool.



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