Fly Into The Sun

Fly Into The Sun

I get that this one might be difficult to figure out why I named it fly into the sun. If you look you will see a bird flying towards the sunset. If you are curious, it’s a swift because even though I live right near a beach there are no seagulls here in Thailand. My theory is the damn pigeons ate them. Yes, we have beach pigeons but not a seagull in sight. I’m shocked we have soi dogs because if it came down to an apex predator I would put money on the pigeons. I have seen cats afraid of those damn things.

I took this off my balcony last night. I was sitting at my computer stealing acquiring new things to watch when I saw the sunset. I missed the sun poking through the clouds at the correct moment as I grabbed the first nearest camera but I ended up with a swift in it so I’ll take it.

I had a photo yesterday ready to go but as I have been busy with other stuff I neglected to hit save so I wasn’t inclined to redo it and instead carried on what I was doing.




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