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Novice Monks

Shot this along the river inPhnom Penh when I was walking back to my hotel from the Royal Palace.

Monks themselves aren’t that exciting when you live over in Asia. They are very common and not a big deal. I will say I saw more monks in Cambodia than I do in Thailand. Well, I should say I see more monks during the day in Cambodia than I do in Thailand because I constantly see the Thai monks collecting alms in the wee hours of the morning here in Thailand.

I liked this image because you just have the contrast of the rather dull scene with the splash of color from the monks robes.


2 young monks

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The colors of the Monk’s garments are bright. Any reason for the color orange? The sky is pretty in this photo. A lot of drama in those clouds. Also, I presume that is a body of water where the Monk’s are standing. It is a very nice photo. I enjoyed.

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