Tuktuk Ride In Cambodia

Tuktuk Ride In Cambodia

I have been quiet because I have been in Cambodia since Monday. With my schedule in Thailand I haven’t had time to edit but I have been actively shooting. Which is why this site now gets updated when it gets updated.

I had an opportunity to go to Cambodia for 5 days so I took it. Traveled light with just my Sony RX10 and and my cell phone. First day was a bit of a wash due to weather so no shooting was done. I finally got a chance to do some stuff today but no way to edit.

With that said, I decided to record the video of my tuktuk ride to the Royal Palace (Well part of it). Guy got me for $2 for about a 15 minute walk. In the end it worked out because I got the video. On the way back I did a bunch of street photography and generally just took my time until I felt my face start to burn. Then ducked into a riverside cafe and had 2 .65 cent draft beers to cool off and chill out.

Enjoy the video.

3 thoughts on “Tuktuk Ride In Cambodia

  1. Wow that is a lot of traffic. I don’t think I am brave enough to ride in the TukTuk. That traffic is so thick. Do not believe I would drive a scooter in it as well.

  2. Traffic in Cambodia looks as awful as D.C. traffic; less lights, more scooters, but just as crazy. I’m a bit confused about the water gun in the back of your tuktuk. Is there a point to having it there? Is it for cooling yourself down or pop-up water gun fights with other tuktuk passengers? Seems odd to me.

    1. I drive in that daily, just in Thailand. Completely normal South East Asian driving. Difference here they drive on the same side as America. In Thailand its opposite. I hope I don’t have to go back to America anytime soon as my dumb ass will be driving on the wrong side.

      I never noticed the water gun until I posted the video. No earthly idea what its for.

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