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Barnacle Covered

I have no idea what these things are. I know they are used for boats but beyond that can’t begin to guess. I just liked the way they looked all barnacle covered and just left to rust away in the Thai climate.

When I took this photo I knew it was going to be in black and white. It’s all about the texture and tones and it creates a mood around the image. So I did my usual workflow then into Tonality and I just started to play with sliders until I was happy.

I did do one thing different, I put an overlay on it and then changed the opacity. It just brought out a bit more to the image so I was like why not. For me, this was a chance to play around and not be serious. This is one of those I like the image for what it is, not about anything else.


Barnacle Covered

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Very different. I presume they are metal if they are used in the boating industry, they have barnacial, so they must have been in the water. It is a curious mess, one to take a photo of. I enjoyed.

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