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Clouds, Ripples, Reflections

This one is from beautiful Southwest Florida, aka, Fort Myers. So I took this when I was living back in America. Then again, Florida and Thailand are basically the same temperature and climate, except we don’t smacked by hurricanes here on the Gulf of Thailand. Instead we get monsoon rains. Nothing says fun while going 60km/ hour on a scooter while getting smashed in the face with rain.

I took this photo from a pontoon boat while on Estero Bay. We rented the boat to go fishing but it was surface of the sun hot. I mainly went to provide sarcastic comments and to drive the boat. I’m better at one than the other. Not saying which. Of course I brought a camera so I took a few shots while I wasn’t skippering or being sarcastic.

Editing this was just me playing around with Intensify and then just a bit of a dodge and burn and called it done.


Clouds Ripples and Reflections

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O yes, that lovely fishing trip on such a hot summer day. The clouds were trying to drown us and the photographer is correct when he said he was sarcastic but his sister and I ignored him and to let him keep driving. We did catch some fish. None we wanted to eat but always nice to at least catch something. Crabbing wasn’t spectacular either. One must sit for a bit of time to catch yummy crabs. A day in the water is a fun day. I enjoyed the day and the photo.

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