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Pattaya Bay

I took this up on top of Pratumnak, which is a hill above Pattaya. I was finished shooting along the beach below so just rode my bike up to the top of the hill, saw the view and jumped off and took the shot.

Below is Bali Hai pier and you can see the slips for the smaller boats. The local authorities have finally made the owners park their boats there instead of dragging them out of the water and taking up all the parking space.

I got lucky when I took this image because the fishing boat was heading out of port to do whatever. Maybe head to one of the islands for the night or going out for fishing. The boat just adds that little bit of missing motion from the image.


Pattaya Bay

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I like the photo of the boats. Lots of small boats that look like they go very fast. They are apparently very popular. Bali Hai Harbor seems to be a very popular place for boating. So many boats milling around. I like the skyline in the background. Would like to know who are the people that have these boats. Are they coming from other cities besides Pattaya? I enjoyed.

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