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Off Shore

I snapped this while I was wandering along Walking St. I went into a beer bar complex that has a great view of Pattaya Bay. It was a private bar but I asked in Thai if I could and was told no problem since they weren’t busy.

With Bali Hai pier under construction and the authorities finally cracking down on illegal parking of boats on the road and walkways (only took a decade or more) you see more boats moored offshore now. Owners are too cheap to pay for docking space at the new area for boats.

I shot this at dusk so the camera had a fairly high ISO. Just did some cleaning up and in the end happy enough.


Off Shore

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I like your photo! The boats moored off shore remind me of the Caloosahatchee with the many sail boats that are moored off shore. Before the hurricane, they all got their boats out of there. They are now back. I was surprised to see the “cross” that appears lite in the background. Do you know what the building it is attached to? With all of your photos, I have never seen a cross in your photos in Thailand. I enjoyed!

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