Neon Knights

Neon Knights

Super double extra bonus points if you figure out where I got the title from. I’ll give a hint, RIP Ronnie James Dio. You magnificent bastard.

I had to shoot a birthday party up near Walking St in Pattaya and I arrived early to get my gear set and then just locked it up and took a walk for a bite to eat.

For whatever reason it gets darker here in Thailand earlier than it did back in the United States. Usually by 7 PM it’s dusk. So a lot of the signs were lit up on one of the most famous streets in Thailand.

There are tons of overpriced seafood places up there. So when I saw this one I took the shot of the tourists walking through it the staff trying to lure customers in for the privilege of paying twice as much. I did it a few times when I first came to Thailand 10 years ago or so as a new tourist. After that never again.

So coming back from dinner at a normal priced place I know of I snapped this image.

So enjoy a bit of Walking St, Pattaya.

Neon At Night

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  1. I know you and what you like to listen to after you visiting for a month. The King Seafood, that you say is overpriced, Neon Knights is from a song by Black Sabbath. Not my music but yours and I see how you related the two. I am sure many tourist fall for this being a better place to eat than the plan restaurants. When I visit, I like to check out the small restaurants that people post or the travel channel has highlighted. Good cooking can come to many small places. I can not wait to visit. I enjoyed.

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