Something Has Got To Give

Something Has Got To Give

I have been considering this for some time and now it’s time to do it. I can no longer keep doing daily posts. Things have transpired in Thailand that weren’t anticipated but have turned out well.

I am now shooting more than I ever did. Love it. I just can’t share the images here because they are for others. This forces me to take those photos and do edits on them versus me doing my own work.

That said, while I have a ton of images on backlog I don’t have the time to sit and edit my own work and the clients at the same time. So I have then cherry pick an image or struggle to find one to publish and it’s not quality half the time. I’m worn from doing those edits and delivering them.

So I’m going to post when I can and where I can but it won’t be daily anymore. I rather have quality versus quantity. If I don’t have an image then nothing will be published. If I do have stuff that I think will work I’ll publish them.

Apologies for this but I think it the end it will work out better.


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