Just A Hint Of Pink

Part of the storm series I did when I was in Florida. This was just a bit of pink cloud left over from the first storm as the second storm moved in.

While I am shooting regularly, as I indicated, it’s not always for publication. Yet, I keep my eyes open for opportunities to do some personal work and I think I have found something interesting I can shoot quickly using one of my smaller cameras. Little bit of life in Thailand. Hoping to get to it this weekend but have some stuff already scheduled so will see.

Editing this was a bit different. I did my normal workflow but then immediately went to Intensify and used my favorite preset. Still wasn’t happy so I loaded up Color Efex and had a run through it. Played with a few sliders until I was happy and ┬áthen called it good to go.


just a hint of pink


One thought on “Just A Hint Of Pink”

  1. I like Just a hint of Pink. Typical summer sky for SW Florida. The storms come, the sky clears with lots of pink color and more clouds. Some evening, the sky has so much color and white/grau fluffy clouds that people come to watch as the sun sits over the river. I enjoyed.

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