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Spot The Carp

Taken at Meadowlark Gardens earlier in the spring when I was there doing the other spring shots.

This image is one of those that I don’t know why I like it but I do. The carp swimming buy just adds that little something to an otherwise boring image. I was just standing there and could see them swimming by so when one came into the frame I fired off a few shots to capture the image.

Editing I am still playing with Intensify. So I ran it through and didn’t bother masking anything in. I did some selective dodging and burning and called it a day.


spot the carp

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I like Spot the Carp in the pond at the park. Not sure the little fish is a carp. The trees look like early Spring. The reflections in the water is cool. It looked like the perfect day to be out taking photos. I enjoyed!

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