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Clear Waters

You would think this image is from Thailand and the beach I live close by but it’s not. Why? It rains constantly or the sky is grey. Instead this is Coronado Bay in San Diego, California.

It seems the rainy weather has followed me from Florida to Thailand. It is overcast and raining or drizzling here daily. The new fun of having only a motorbike for transportation is that if I get caught out in the rain I get wet. I now carry ziplock bags to store my stuff in because I got soaked once with my wallet and international driving permit and visa getting absolutely soaked. I also carry a $1 rain poncho in manly pink under the bike seat.

With the threat of rain constantly being a problem my photo gear stays in the room as I just don’t have a way to protect it. I am now starting to carry my Canon S100 in a waterproof case because it fits in my pocket and if it does get ruined no big loss. I hope to get out and get some photos if the weather cooperates but at the rate it’s going might be late August before the rainy season settles down.

This is a single image HDR that I created. Brought it into Photoshop to do my normal workflow and just didn’t like it so created a clone and then opened Aurora HDR and started to play around with the sliders. Got it to where I was happy and called it done.


Clear Waters

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Coronado Bay in San Diego, California is beautiful water. It is so crystal clear. Have only been there once in my life but have never found such beautiful clear water like Coronado Bay. I enjoyed.

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