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Dawn Over Somewhere

I shot this when I went to Fort Myers last December. Just getting around to processing it.

Aerial photography is cool but you end up taking a lot of shots because the plane is moving at speed and you are generally behind. So you need a high shutter speed and a decent ISO to keep up with the motion. It also helps to have a window seat so you don’t annoy the person next to you. This flight I was first class and a window since it was a single seat row on the plane.

Used my RX10 for these shots because of the 24-200mm lens on it. I could adjust on the fly versus trying to change lenses or use a longer and slower lens. For stuff like this the bridge cameras really work well. You get versatility and fast glass since the lens on the RX10 is 2.8 all the way through the zoom.

Editing this I was going to make it HDR but it blew everything out and made it too HDR. While I appreciate HDR it can be too much. So I went ahead and just ran it through Intensify and used Sky Details and was very happy with the image. Just did a bit of dodging and called it done.


Dawn Over Somewhere

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I like air shots while in flight! The clouds look like snow. The dawn just peeking through. A great show just outside of the plane’s window. I enjoyed!

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